August 2005

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time, tides, tildes and themes

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Time passed, and my leg is better again, not perfect, but mostly no longer hindering me. The house is “clean enough” at this point, even four days after our guest arrived.

The tides astonished our guest… I suppose he assumed the waters we see were part of a lake, but the mudflats that come and go (especially this time of year) daily let him in on our secret.

Tildes… what use are they on the keyboard? I use mine for signatures… ~Kathleen

Or to set off a quote ~do not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can contribute to the world~

But while I know how to use one in manuscript (over an “n” for example in Spanish), I cannot figure out what they might be used for grammatically…

And themes: have you ever noticed that things “cluster” spontaneously? When thinking about babies, seems lots of folks have them (or are pregnant). When laid up with an injury, seems the news carries no end of helpful tips on how to prevent just such an injury. When the plums are ripe, so are the peaches and the blackberries!

May synchronicity bring you joy and light, and your difficulties be few and far between.

Time Passes

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And all of a sudden a month or more has gone by.

I look up, have a moment to breathe, and the blackberries are ripe.

The peaches are gone.

The apples are ripening and the pattypan squash are beginning to turn the garden into small constellations of yellow suns. The deer continue their relentless assault on the tomatoes and roses…

Only another month of “summer vacation.” A month visiting friends and family. A month gardening as best we can, in between the exuberance of picnics and boats and just basking in the shade on warm days.

And two days ago, I fell and hurt my hip. Again. So, longingly I look into the garden and wait for healing so I can dig in the dirt again. Longingly, I contemplate the fabrics and paints waiting for me in my office. Longingly, I remember the endless, timeless, limitless summers of my childhood.