The apples on the trees are ripe, and we had a lovely apple crisp tonight. Surprising, because the trees are very young, and many of the more established trees in our area didn’t bear at all this year.

New dog! A sweet-tempered but very puppy-ish 2 year old German Shepherd. A breed I never considered before, but I couldn’t let him go to the pound. He is highly intelligent, but gets distracted easily. I will be working with him to help him learn (relearn?) commands and improve his performance. If all goes well, he will be able to help me in the yard by pulling a small cart for my equipment and small loads of compostables — which will greatly assist me when my arthritis is in swing. — Of course the original dog is not pleased in general with sharing space and time, but I believe she will get used to it.

Waiting for the rain… in a few more weeks we should have some, but at the moment things are pretty dry here. So I have a little bit of time to weed and prepare some new beds for next year’s garden. Hope to get in at least four more small veggie beds, and sow cover crops on a couple of the current beds for the winter. And maybe even plant a few cool-season starts as well.

And school has begun. I think the year will go well, though the elder child had a bit of a rocky start — got a one-day suspension on the third day of school… Will have to see if the weekend of “discussions” has worked, and if the logical consequences of his actions will be enough to encourage a change in attitude and behavior. As things get back to a routine for me, I hope to post more regularly.