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This is our favorite browser, works in Linux as well as Windows. Very stable, and FREE! Firefox – Rediscover the Web

He fixed it!

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Now the blog looks good in my favorite browser [Firefox]! There was some sort of file missing that IE and Netscape weren’t smart enough to notice, but Firefox did.

I have updated the website for my business a little bit (probably won’t be noticeable to most). Need to figure out how to to the 404 message so it looks nicer.

The frogs are singing at night again! It is so pleasant to hear their chirruping, and peeping. And at dawn the birds…

I like the way the fruit trees peek over the hill now that the rugosas are gone, I might replace them with something a lot smaller. I wonder what a hillside of tulips, lilies and daffodils; yarrow, english daisies and poppies; with spots of lupine, peonies and mosses… It wouldn’t need mowing, it would have color much of the year, and at harvest time I could still reach the trees. I’ll need to figure out how the paths will work… Hm. Ideas, ideas, and no money, energy or time. Oh well — one of these years!

G is home still, and will be tomorrow as well. He just needs some time to get over this virus, but he is definitely doing better. I feel fine today.


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Yes, Spring.

G was home recuperating still, so at lunchtime we walked out and looked at the yard. The first pink tulip has opened up. There are trillium in the cedar grove, a few open, and many more to come. We saw two snakes, basking in the warm sunlight. The red-flowering currant at the back of the house is in full bloom. And yes, a couple of the peach blossoms did open up today. The raspberries are leafing out. Likewise the elderberries. And the red huckleberries. The mountain huckleberry, which is evergreen, has loads of blooms and buds on it. The rhodie has nice big buds, and the planters and beds by the front door are just lovely. All in all, it’s a good start to the fullness of the growing season.

I cut back one of the rugosa roses today (hard — getting ready to dig it up), and will try to do the other tomorrow, should be able to — it’s a smaller one. Will dig them up this weekend, I think and give them to a friend, and then I can see what I want to plant in their place! I will have several smaller rugosas that suckered off the parent plants, and I think I will use them to build a hedgerow down by the road. The little birds and frogs would appreciate the cover, and they would help control the runoff when it rains.

A word game for scrabble and other word addicts

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This is a fun game to play, 24 hours for each puzzle, a small fee provides additional features, but isn’t necessary to enjoy. Babble: The Ultimate Word Game

Another sunny day

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I was better enough to spend some time with Mother today, and walk around outside a little. Today the peach tree nearest the house is about to bloom (a couple buds are already opening)! But I also took a really long nap and didn’t feel much like playing in the dirt even though it was a lovely day. Hoping tomorrow is nice for a while so I can get outside just a little bit more.

But… G is still feeling rotten. Poor kid, he’s lain about all day, sipping as much water and juice and broth as he can. He finally felt well enough to move to the sofa and watch a couple of his favorite videos, but he didn’t even feel like reading today!

M went for a bike ride. T baked and played on the computer. Lucky kept bringing one toy or another, and Buffy kept trying to get them away.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I have a couple ideas I want to pursue for the cards, and some thoughts on my website that I just need to sit down for a while and try different versions to see what I like best.

Two weekends in a row…

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G is ill again. I am also under the weather, which is a real shame, because today was beautiful, and I wasn’t able to spend any time outside at all. Fevers, chills, sore throat and cough. Sounds like a mild case of the flu to me! He’s better this evening, so I have hope he (and I) will be able to do more tomorrow than sleep.

M had a lovely time today, starting with adjudication for his trumpet (I am told it went well) followed by a day-long visit with his friend. A nice young man, they have a lot in common, and enjoy hanging out.

T finished our taxes today, despite my best efforts to stymie him — I shredded the paperwork when I was clearing out the office the other day! Argh. Fortunately, he’s a lot more resourceful and calm than I am, and was able to call the appropriate places to get numbers and replacement copies of things.

St. Patrick’s day went well. We had a nice chicken pie from my Irish cookbook. It gets easier and easier to prepare, and I am better at finding substitutions for things when I am out… Low key, but very nice.

Only a few days before Spring arrives officially, a few weeks before Easter, a couple months before the children are out for the summer. My, how time flies!

Rain and Green Leaves

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A good day for some quiet musing…

while I listen to some Irish ballads, trying to learn the tunes so I can play and sing a little bit on Friday.

while the great galoot runs around the house, looking in the windows, hoping I will forget it’s raining and come play outside.

while the trees sway, now gently, now vigorously, shedding the rain from their strong branches and needles.

while the laundry dries and the kitchen waits for a quick clean-up.

I am motivated to work on some garb for the children, might do some research into that later this evening; for now, I think I will sort through a few more items in boxes, trying to minimize the clutter and maximize the usefulness of what I keep.

G and I are reading good books about Merlin by T.A. Barron. The Lost Years of Merlin is the name of the series, and I highly recommend it for a reading level of about 5th-6th grade and up. Younger children might enjoy having it read aloud, although some of the parts are full of suspense and sad I believe they are no worse than C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series.

Science Fair Saturday

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M’s science fair project with his friend went well. They did all the work in class, and managed to put together a fine poster. I think they learned a good bit, too! The community scientist was very complimentary of their work, and they seemed to enjoy explaining what they had done.

G didn’t do a project this year — we didn’t get the form filled out in time. Just as well, since his class just completed a multi-week project of their own!

Today, he was supposed to go to a movie with his grandmother, but appears to have a stomach bug, so ended up coming home almost right away. He is still having trouble keeping things down, but is resting so should be better by tomorrow. Something like this has been going around the school the last couple weeks, so I am not really surprised, just annoyed.

I am going to try once again to learn SQL and php or perlscript, to try to make a dynamic website for my greeting cards… this is a big project, but I have the time, the ability, and an expert “on-call” as I need him. I think if I just focus on manageable segments (learning just the parts I need to know at this time) that the task will be easier. I can add on the rest if I am that interested!

9 March 2006

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The dogs needed to go out at three-thirty this morning. And there was a thin layer of white stuff all over the ground. Grumble, cold, grumble.

At five-thirty they wanted fresh water — their bowl was empty. I looked out the window. Still white stuff, and the floors were so cold

At seven-twenty T was talking to the boys who were thinking they might not have school today… What? I pulled myself out of my much-interrupted slumber and sat up. Yep. Snow.

So I hopped online. While the now very fluffy snow fell increasingly thick and insistently. School hadn’t even been delayed [sigh of relief], and T poked his nose outside and said it was not going to stick.

Obviously, we still have power. Snow continues to fall in flurries, now sounds like it’s mixed with some rain. It’s not sticking to the roads or driveways, and is melting pretty well on other surfaces also. Which pleases me, because I really want enough plums to make jelly this year! And with the blossoms appearing yesterday, the timing of the cold could hardly have been worse.

We’ll see how the garden fares. Hoping my happy little pollinators won’t be set back by this weather!

Meantime, on my agenda for today is transferring most of my business’ website to the server that hosts our family website; dishes, laundry, sweeping; and working on my handwriting. Yes folks, I am doing the old-fashioned handwriting drills in a drive to make it easier to write by hand, and to make the lettering I do for art projects a little neater. We’ll see how that goes, too.

The Future On Its Way

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Signs of Springtime abound!

The red-flowering currants are blooming, bright crimson against the pale yellow walls of the house. This morning, the plum tree’s white blossoms have burst open, and on the drive toward town, through yards and forest and fields, ornamental plums and crabapples are exuberantly anticipating the vernal equinox.

Dogs are not happy that it’s cold and rainy today, but it is not as bad as earlier in the winter and late autumn when the rain blew into the house every time we opened the door.

Today is our 15th anniversary. Wish that all people who are so inclined could make their unions legal… Maybe someday, when our children are old enough, they will.

Actually, it’s our 15.5 anniversary of becoming a couple! I never could have imagined all the strange, scary, wild and wonderful years since then, and wouldn’t trade my life today with anyone’s.

Blessings abound!

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