A good day for some quiet musing…

while I listen to some Irish ballads, trying to learn the tunes so I can play and sing a little bit on Friday.

while the great galoot runs around the house, looking in the windows, hoping I will forget it’s raining and come play outside.

while the trees sway, now gently, now vigorously, shedding the rain from their strong branches and needles.

while the laundry dries and the kitchen waits for a quick clean-up.

I am motivated to work on some garb for the children, might do some research into that later this evening; for now, I think I will sort through a few more items in boxes, trying to minimize the clutter and maximize the usefulness of what I keep.

G and I are reading good books about Merlin by T.A. Barron. The Lost Years of Merlin is the name of the series, and I highly recommend it for a reading level of about 5th-6th grade and up. Younger children might enjoy having it read aloud, although some of the parts are full of suspense and sad I believe they are no worse than C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series.