Now the blog looks good in my favorite browser [Firefox]! There was some sort of file missing that IE and Netscape weren’t smart enough to notice, but Firefox did.

I have updated the website for my business a little bit (probably won’t be noticeable to most). Need to figure out how to to the 404 message so it looks nicer.

The frogs are singing at night again! It is so pleasant to hear their chirruping, and peeping. And at dawn the birds…

I like the way the fruit trees peek over the hill now that the rugosas are gone, I might replace them with something a lot smaller. I wonder what a hillside of tulips, lilies and daffodils; yarrow, english daisies and poppies; with spots of lupine, peonies and mosses… It wouldn’t need mowing, it would have color much of the year, and at harvest time I could still reach the trees. I’ll need to figure out how the paths will work… Hm. Ideas, ideas, and no money, energy or time. Oh well — one of these years!

G is home still, and will be tomorrow as well. He just needs some time to get over this virus, but he is definitely doing better. I feel fine today.