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Memorial Day Weekend

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Hadn’t realized how long I had left off updates… probably a good thing since it meant life was relatively quiet!

The weather the week after Mother’s Day was quite warm – August weather, really; this last week has been cool and rainy — more like March or April. I guess it all evens out to just about right for this time of year!

We have had a good month, all in all — however our well is not working at the moment. One of the electrical components appears to have faulted sometime Saturday evening, and so we have been drinking bottled water and using out emergency water supply for dishes and hands — and buckets of water to flush… somewhat primitive, but since we still have power we can cope! Of course the well company was closed for Sunday and the holiday and most of the hardware stores as well. We’ll get the replacement parts tomorrow, we hope. Keeping our fingers crossed that this was the only part that failed, we don’t think the pump itself needs replacing.

Tomorrow T goes on a field trip with G’s class, and we have about four more weeks of school before summer vacation. Will do a garden update in my next post…

Mother’s Day weekend

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We had a lovely time yesterday evening. The school jazz band did a wonderful job, and the younger students who had been learning swing dance were out in force. Grant is an excellent dancer! He danced with me, with his grandmother, and with several schoolmates. A young couple, high school or college age, wowed us all with their moves as well.

T even got out on the floor with me for most dances, and a couple with Mother. The school gym was lovely — pretty tables, nice posters and luscious desserts.

The school music instructor, Mrs. S, has done a remarkable job with her students. The new baritone sax, for which the dance was a fundraiser, sounded really great, too!

All in all, a fine weekend. Mother and I spent yesterday morning happily shopping at the Scholastic Books warehouse sale. No matter how much restraint we try to show… 🙂 we had a grand time!

And later today, I will go over and Mother and I will make a lemon cake for a late tea after M’s last rehearsal before next weekend’s concert.

Keeping up with Life

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or not… things move so quickly sometimes. M’s concert is not this coming weekend, but the next, so it won’t be as hectic as I had feared. I injured one of my knees apparently, and was laid up yesterday, but better today.

The garden is looking nice — still a couple ornamental beds that really need attention, but will have to wait until I have a day with enough time. Nothing urgent at the moment. I do want to get some veggies in soon, though.

And the rest… not bad. The children are well, M is a little more jumpy and irritable than he was a month ago, but not sure if it’s stress or just needing some med adjustments to keep up with his growth. G seems mostly happy and healthy.

School and schedule

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G is late to school today — last minute decision to do the work we asked him to do over several days… and he missed his bus. When he is older, we will need to be less helpful in situations like this, but for him it was a step just to finish his work. Unfortunately, the quality of the work has suffered, and he didn’t do as many things as he might, but I think it will be okay for this project. He studied geodes and made rock candy to show how the crystals grow.

His violin class has their last recital tonight. He is also nervous about that.

And M has a “pre-contest” concert at the same time… I think we’ll have T go to that one.

I don’t have anywhere I “must” be today, so will finish this blog, play some babble and get to work in the garden again… I am ready to plant those dahlias, and need to get things ready for the other tubers Mother bought me in February.


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This is a wonderful site, and appears really focused on making the world a better place… check it out!

May Day

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The first of May… it was lovely here.

Bright sunshine most of the day, with a few fluffy clouds here and there. The breeze blew constantly, but not annoyingly.

There weren’t many birds in the yard, but I suspect that had more to do with the lack of handouts than anything else. I need to take down, clean and refill the hummingbird feeders, I notice, but that can wait until tomorrow.

I weeded maybe 25 feet of dahlia bed, it looks as if every fifth tuber has been consumed — mole? gopher? whatever it was, it was hungry. I have more to plant, though, so will do that tomorrow — trying to do things in increments so I can work with fewer full days off.

Took a few pictures of the yard, pretty things here and there, and admired the quince blossoms that opened up this morning.

I like this month here in Washington. In Virginia, there were flowers everywhere already this time of year — it felt as if there were no more room! Here, the plants get into the groove more slowly — as in so many things, the pace on the West coast is more leisurely! There is time to stop and admire each bloom, to see the spaces in between the colors and textures, to rest before moving on.

So today, I am resting, admiring, thinking, planning, enjoying. And tomorrow —

More of the same.