Blessedly uneventful. Was able to spend some time reading and catching up on email and news.

Well, pretty much. Was able to speak with school principal about something I was worried about. Was able to speak with specific teacher about the same something. We are all on the same page and matter should be resolved with luck before the end of the school year.

Tutoring own kid has its advantages… like using school time for the tutoring! Kid is almost caught up to the rest of the class. Another week may be enough.

Same kid forgot this was a Knowledge Bowl day, so I made an extra trip to the school to take a snack and some cash for the customary stop at Dairy Queen (the only time this kid ever goes places like that!). Decided to run some errands while I was halfway to town anyway, and won’t have to leave home tomorrow except for the tutoring.

Did I mention that he is almost caught up? This might be the last week I need to be at school on a regular basis.

Lovely dinner tonight, soup (chicken, hominy and chorizo sausage) and souffle (two layers, carrot and broccoli). Kid’s knowledge bowl team won the day’s event.

Tomorrow? hopefully I’ll have the energy to clean the house a bit. It got somewhat disheveled over the kids’ vacation!