Starting July 1, there have been three unexpected, but not unwelcome “visitors” to my home and yard, and scores of “invited guests.”

Sunday, there was this lovely fellow on my dining room floor…

lizard on glove

I put him briefly in our “critter box” a clear plastic holding pen designed for just such occasions, so the kids could see him. Let him go the next morning in the cedar grove, and hope that was the right place for him.

He was nearly followed the next day by a lovely little garter snake that was ascending the steps to the back stoop.

The usual assortment of lovely birds have been in the yard, fewer the last couple weeks since I stopped feeding them — there were reports that birds were getting sick from the close quarters near backyard feeders. Still, the doves and the flickers, the hawks and the sparrows have been happy enough. I will resume feeding in the autumn when bacteria don’t survive as long.

Then yesterday, as I was bringing the garbage cans up from the road, I spied:

orange moth

Isn’t this moth lovely! The pun of a moth on a butterfly bush didn’t escape me… wish the pic were better, but in the time I had, I could only get a few shots with a digital camera. (Mental note to put good camera closer the door.)

And THEN, yesterday evening when I came in from outside (all the doors and windows were open because of the heat), I heard birdsong. Yes, from inside the house. In my zeal to help the poor creature get out, though it wasn’t as frantic as others, I didn’t get a picture of the sparrow. Still, what a strange crush of lovely visitors!

I hope all the guests in your home are as welcome as these have been!