Hello to all! We are here (see title) today, Stidgrandmere, a stidkid and myself.

While on the Big Island we have seen Hetty and her husband (yesterday in Victoria) and lunched with Hetty, Jillibus, Flosey, Raelite, and Saanichcat here in Sidney today. Supper tonight with Raelite’s family, and tomorrow we will be on Salt Spring Island. I love vacations!

While I am actually trying to do a fair bit of math homework, I am also taking a couple breaks to take pictures.

Here is one from yesterday:

stidkid and his grandmother on the ferry from Washington state to Vancouver Island

And a few from today:

Stidgrandmere and the Stidkid in the garden at the Provincial Governor’s mansion:

stidkid and his grandmother in the garden of \"Government House\" in Victoria, British Columbia

Stidgrandmere and Saanichcat:

stidgrandmere and saanichcat

This is Hetty, getting into her “Smart Car” — a nifty little two-seater that she uses to get around.

hetty gets into her smart car

And here is the WHOLE group (thanks to the kind stranger who took our pic) just after we ate at Sabhai Thai in Sidney — highly recommended by us all!

the whole gang in Sidney

Standing left to right: stidgmere, flosey, stidkid (#2) and stidmama.
Seated: Jillibus, Hetty, Raelite and Saanichcat.

Finally, I took a rather poor video of everybody, but at least you can sort of hear their voices!

More later…