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It begins again

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I have a crazy schedule for the next few weeks: class from 9-1 Monday; and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 9:30; I am also taking an online class at the community college. I will be working at least 5 hours a week on the Phage Biology Meeting. We are trying to get our home office ready for our visitor who arrives sometime in July. Moving everything out, finishing the drywall, priming and painting, and getting a bed in there. The garden is started, but needs a lot of work. I keep telling myself: Five weeks to freedom… once July is over, the rest should be relatively easy.

Fingers crossed.

What I’ve been up to…

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Kids. More stuff with kids. LOTS of stuff with kids, and a welcome break from incessant studying.

I officially finished my studies at Evergreen for the quarter on Wednesday evening when I showed up for an evaluation conference that was canceled at the last minute. Handed in my paperwork and gratefully went home early.

I officially finish my Geography class tomorrow when the finals are over; I am getting an alternate arrangement so that I can help out at the middle school that afternoon. We are in the last few days of class, and there are several loose ends I need to tie up.

I officially have six days between then and the start of the classes for the summer: three at Evergreen, one online through the community college. I have already read several chapters in two of the books and will be trying to read through the rest of the books this week. I want to focus during these five weeks on the lectures and other assignments, not the reading. While working some extra hours for the phage meeting and chauffering the younger stidkid for rehearsals and finishing those tasks at the middle school. Oh yes, and deciding on the actual paint colors for my office…

I just figured out how to download pictures from the G1 phone, here are a couple that weren’t too bad.

This is the elder stidkid in April, with his grandmere, ready to play the trumpet for a school of K-2 graders!
trumpet solo day

This is a picture of our yard in May, after the blueberries were transplanted, before the apple and pear trees leafed out, the plum in all its glory…

yard in may

And a picture of me from this last week, at the end of a long day, at the fruit stand that is open again!


The trebuchet the stidkid and his friends built for their medieval studies unit. They had significant help from Mr. D, the father of one of the students. You will see him in the video below, helping load and such. For scale, stidkid is the tall fellow in blue — he is about 5’10” tall.

This is the little video of the trebuchet, showing one that backfired, and one that worked.

Proud Mama Moments

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The elder stidkid has completed another year of high school band, as one of the junior members of the wind ensemble at his school, he was picked to perform with the symphony (strings) earlier this week in a full orchestra experience. What a treat. Then he performed again yesterday with the bands.

His next emphasis is on getting ready for his trip to Australia that begins in a little over 5 weeks. He’s not truly jittery yet (I am) but I can tell he’s thinking about it nearly constantly. I will have him help our family friend at least a couple times a week once his school is out, just to give him some focused time elsewhere.

Also yesterday, the younger stidkid had TWO concerts at his school, the afternoon one which I was able to attend and another in the evening that his father made. He plays the tuba in the regular band and the trombone in the jazz band. He also sings in jazz choir, which did not perform at those concerts.

At the end of the school day, while waiting to pick him up, I heard the following announcement over the intercom: “And for student body president, for next year…. *pause for dramatic effect* STIDKID!”

Well. the principal said his actual name… but otherwise. I nearly fainted.

And he had written his campaign speech himself. In a field of highly qualified candidates, he stood out (not just because he was the tallest, either). I think he will do a fine job.

So, yes. A proud mama moment.

Oh — and I got a nice scholarship from the graduate school — $200 towards books for fall quarter. Pretty nice, eh?