• timeconsuming
  • exhausting
  • interesting
  • frustrating
  • hard work
  • fun
  • all of the above!

Which explains the dearth of details lately. This quarter, we have read many books, listened to history lectures, participated in workshops, and observed in three schools. The schools have been in different towns, at different grade levels, and have given us an opportunity to try to identify some of the concepts and strategies we are learning about — as they are being used, which sometimes is a bit different from theory!

My hip continues to bother me, and Tom has to set it nearly every day, but there is gradual improvement. Not enough to dive into yard work, yet, so the gardens continue to languish, I fear. But by Spring, I should be back in form!

Still, I notice that the trees and shrubs are happily “doing their thing” anyway. The flowering red currants already have pregnant buds on the tips of the branches, and the leaves, now half gone from deciduous plants, are revealing the intricate structures of the limbs. It is certainly one of my favorite four seasons!

Back to school. I have two more weeks in this quarter, which will be filled with revising one paper, writing a series of essays on the material we have covered this quarter, and pulling together my portfolio for review. I hope to accomplish a good bit of all of it this week, when I have “off” from classes.

Today, though, I spent painting ceramics with Mother and a classmate (hey C!), and hanging out with my faithful puppy on the sofa while I look over the revisions and update the draft on the computer. I also have the TV turned to HGTV, which I love to watch when I do homework and housework. Inspiration for my abundant “free time?”