October 2010

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The ENTIRE Potato Crop

Posted by on 31 Oct 2010 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, good things, Uncategorized

Here it is, harvested today, along with the pumpkins. All volunteers, are very delicious looking…

Pumpkins the size of potatos and potatoes the size of pumpkins!

Happy Harvest-time and May the Best of the season be yours!

Civic Duty

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The foundation of a democratic republic is citizen-leaders. We are in charge of our government and nation only insofar as we actually participate.

At this time in my life, participation is generally limited to letters — to my elected representatives and to newspapers on occasion; and to exercising my right to informed voting. It is as vital to do the research as it is to actually cast a ballot. Simple party-line voting, without understanding the issues and individuals, undermines the understanding our founders had of the fundamental intelligence of humanity. When we have taken the time to study the problems and the people, we demonstrate our commitment to careful stewardship of our nation.

I have read the texts of issues, considered and done some online research of candidates, and marked my ballot. I encourage everyone who is eligible to vote: This is your right. It is also your responsibility. Take it seriously.

Nearly done…

Posted by on 28 Oct 2010 | Tagged as: children, education, Gardens and Life, grad school, school, teaching, Uncategorized

with the student teaching for this quarter. So much still to do, but I am looking forward to being able to take a few weeks’ breather beginning the end of November.

The students are working on completing their final projects — a formal assessment consisting of a paper and a presentation. I am taking time to answer questions, keep them on track, and help them problem-solve.

I am also trying to keep up with my own paperwork (not quite making it, but definitely better than I was doing at the beginning of my solo teaching… and working on the final report I must do for the quarter.

Anxious about not being able to get it “all perfect” and knowing that “perfect” is such an illusive (and illusory) goal.

Wish I were still the parent-volunteer in my neighborhood school.


Meantime, the garden produced a good bit of squash this year, continues to have luscious swiss chard and broccoli and a couple lettuces. The figs are done for the year. As usual, dozens left immature on the tree. The quince were not as prolific as most years, the apple had a few small green apples that disappeared before we got to them, the pears had nothing we could see. Flowers are all but done for the year of course, so I am thinking about ways to enhance and move things around next year for easier upkeep (weeding).

The children are lively and well. The elder is enjoying his school, the younger is not complaining. The elder has a job doing yard work that he found through his school’s job placement office, so he is pleased about that. The younger is in the school play. Both are in a concert November 7, and will for the first time be in the Conservatory and Brass Choir together! We are very pleased and excited for both of them.

And Tom… Tom is pretty much managing the fort until I am done with the work for this quarter. I couldn’t be doing this without him!