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Poetry Month: Mrs. S’s Challenge

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This Spring, I will be teaching in a fifth-grade classroom!

For poetry month, I am challenging myself to write one poem each day on a different geographical location — where I have not visited or lived. Which means I will need to do some cursory research (search engines, be warned!), and thinking. Thirty countries in thirty days!

Though I will also be up to my eyeballs in lesson plans, I am hoping to use this as my deliberate time to learn and think… and relax. As in years past, simple free verse will predominate.

Is anyone interested in trying Renga with me during April? I am thinking about using haiku (5-7-5, or 17 syllables) stanzas. It might be fun. Using a Japanese poetry form for this could be a nice way to honor the people of Japan who are dealing with such horrific losses. Anyway, if you want to give this a try, drop a note in the comments section. If more than one person wants to do this, we could get a really interesting renga.

AND… I learned that I can do a poetry unit with the students! This is going to be GREAT!

Haiku on Wednesday

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gentle, stately, behemoths
oyster barges waltzing on
the pearl-gray waters

an ocean, a sound, an inlet away
the cries of fam’lies
mourning great losses

always, after disaster
a pause to reflect
and then
business as normal.

Not the end of the world

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Nothing that has been upsetting or bothersome to me the last few years seems to be all that important, in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami this last week. I am so sad.

I did contribute to the international Red Cross in the wake of the New Zealand earthquake.

And I have contributed to the United States Red Cross, which is sending aid to Japan now.

More than that, at this time… I don’t know what I can do. But I am working on figuring out “something” — it is possible that I will hold off on further contributions until things start to taper off. Right now, there is a lot of attention. But in a few months, they will still need help and I will have more time (and maybe some actual income as well).

So, that’s about as much as I think I can say. I am “off” this week — and maybe next (still trying to find a student teaching placement for me). Meantime, I am going to be doing some power cleaning, power napping, and likely even some power shopping (need to restock supplies). Spring is on the way!

Born this Way Blog

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Saw a short video of the blog author on CNN today (video also posted on the blog), and wanted to post the link here as well.

It is very important that people know they are not alone, that their unique qualities are celebrated. Who a person is, regardless of age, gender, orientation or favorite attire, is important and wonderful.

To all the people who are working to make this diverse and fascinating world safe for all our children, and better all-around: Thank you!

Happy Anniversary

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To my darling Tom: Thank you for two decades of pretty interesting times!