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The rest of the story…

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I have been remiss in my “mama” mode for quite some time. I reported my own finishing, but neglected to trumpet my elder’s significant events this month!

Here is a pic of him at his girlfriend’s house before the senior prom…

A lovely young woman - friends since first grade!

A lovely young woman - friends since first grade!

And here is a pic of him a few days later, with his brother, father and “Uncle” (our best friend) at his high school graduation. It’s a little blurry due to camera shake (of course I was a little emotional!).

stidkid #1 with younger brother, father and "uncle"

stidkid#1 and fan club

The new graduate hopes to continue classes at the community college next year, and is also looking for work (bad job climate though) and helping around our home and his grandparents’ in the meantime.

Meantime, the younger stidkid made it into the senior band ensemble without an audition… tuba for that one. He auditioned for the non-school orchestra with the trombone, no word yet one that. He is still deciding whether to do the high school jazz band next year…

For the summer, he is in “Anything Goes” (auditioned for a part today), “Honk” and “Pirates of Penzance” — the latter two begin rehearsals in a week or two. It will be a busy, interesting summer for both boys.

And, I suspect, for us!

Our Favorite Fruit and Veggie Stand…

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Relaying an email I received, here is the information for our favorite fruit and veggie suppliers!

Madrona Grove’s

Summer Fruit Stand

At Building Earth Farm – 9140 Steamboat Island Road

Join us for a

Summer Celebration

July 1, 2011 from 4pm-7pm

We invite you to the reopening of the Summer Fruit Stand and a Summer Celebration on Friday, July 1st from 4:00-7:00 pm. We will have the garden gates open for peeking and yumminess to share! Samples to taste and purchases to make so please join us, help spread the word and start our summer season off with abundance and grace.

The Fruit Stand is open Tuesdays and Fridays from 12-7 beginning in late-June (Mother Nature sets the date).

If you need more information, call us at 360-866-2810 or email fruittruck@live.com

Officially done with studies!

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As of yesterday, June 3, I am officially done student teaching and done with reports, papers and similar drudgery. Although I don’t have the paperwork yet, and have one last evalutation conference (like an interview at the end of the quarter/year/program), my supervisor told me yesterday that I am in good shape and there doesn’t seem to be anything to keep me back (YAY).

I will continue to work with the 5th grade students part-time through the end of the year (YAY!) and will add 6th grade Language Arts back in for the afternoons for a couple weeks.

Fifth grade has been a great experience, and I feel much more confident that I can handle schedules and transitions. It also convinced me that, while I can teach younger students, I still prefer middle school. So, I will be looking for a job…

But not right away. I plan on taking it easy this summer so I can get caught up on housework and yardwork (yay?), substitute teaching in the area in the fall, and job hunting starting in December.

Today though, I am resting. And NOT writing!

Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me through this process. It has not been fun, and there were many discouraging moments. I would not have made it without you.