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As usual, up too late…

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with an early wake-up tomorrow.

I have decided to attempt NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year, I didn’t even start and the previous two years were not highly successful attempts… But this year I think I have my “heart” back and I feel ready to start being creative again.

Tomorrow, assuming I continue to feel pretty good (fighting off the virus the younger stidkid decided to share), I will wend my way northward to attend the Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice. I missed last year’s but the previous year was very informative. This year, I hope that I will be able to make more connections and come to the workshops with better understanding of the way things really work.

I have another half-day sub position on Monday, and feel confident that I will gradually build up both my stamina and my reputation. Meantime, on the days that I don’t “work” I am doing additional training, taking care of things around the house, and relaxing. Learning to be patient, to give myself permission to daydream again after so many years of pushing myself is a real treat.

Presenting… A Professional Teacher

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I took this pic with my ipad before the students arrived today. I had my first “paying gig” teaching three classes of P.E. at an elementary school. It was wonderful, and I was tired — so tired that I came home and slept several hours. Which is why this is a little late…

Standing in the gym before the students got there

You can see a little bit of the wonderful vest I made with Mother’s help – I was wearing it “bright side” out but you can just see a bit of the green banana leaf side (it’s reversible). Of course, within about 20 minutes of the first class of kids getting there it was much too warm to keep wearing it, but since it has pens, notepaper and such in it I can just slip it over the back of a chair and still find everything I need.

So, one (half) day down, and many many more to come. I am certain that I am in the right profession!

Unexpected Gifts

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Today was full of unexpected moments: the ease of a task formerly dreaded; the satisfaction of accomplishment; the bewilderment of plans that change; the spontaneous expression of friendship. S gave me a gorgeous butterfly brooch, green and lavender and pink – this is a friend who knows me! Another friend gave me a call, we will get together tomorrow. I am signed up to sub, finally, and ready to go on Monday, though it will likely be some time yet before I have steady work.

Tomorrow is sure to bring its own set of surprises, some less comfortable than others, but all filled with learning and growth. What a grand thing it is, to live in ths complex world!

Clouds that tease

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I stepped out just after noon-thirty to walk with Lucky, and it was “starting” to sprinkle. Enough precip to splat a few times in the dust of the driveway, on my face and on the pavement down at the road. So I picked a few berries, we walked 1/8 mile and turned around. And then apparently it stopped raining.

So now I wonder: should I water the plants in pots, or wait and see?

The figs are done for now, there are dozens, possibly hundreds of “figs in waiting” on the three trees. IF we have a couple more weeks of sun and above-65 weather we’ll get more figs, but that is a rare occurrence here. Usually we get only the first crop and the second languishes until first frost and then drops off.

The trees that need pruning still need pruning, but I keep eyeing the large chestnut. I love how it shelters underneath with the lowest branches. On the other hand, the low branches mean we can’t see through it to the blueberries or other plants just beyond. I would like to open up the area a little bit so the red-osier dogwood stands out a bit more. As it is, that plant should be moved or it won’t make it another year. Decisions, decisions!

I went to sleep last night with skin that just hurt, and the beginnings of an achiness. I woke up this morning with very painful joints and skin that felt as if it would split when touched. Several hours later I was talking with Mother who mentioned that the State Surplus warehouse probably had some sort of chemical in it, and I connected the dots. Allergies are no fun. But some diphenhydramine to support the loratadine I take in the morning, some naproxen and execedrin and I am feeling a lot better.

On the plus side: since I am not working, I had the time to rest until I felt better enough to get to work. Two blouses ironed this morning, three more that need attention and I am done for now. Some laundry folded. Fresh oil in the car (it was low, but now topped off will hold a couple weeks until I take it for the scheduled oil change). The dishwasher running, and another chapter in an audiobook “read” and I am feeling not as stressed out. Taking it easy, but getting things done. Win-win!

Summer’s End

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Okay, so not posting daily, but I will post something as often as I can muster the energy. Not great literature, but… welcome to my world.

The blueberries are done now. I picked the last couple off our bushes this week. The blackberries are still ripening, but they are more sour now, smaller and slightly bitter — not enough sun in the day to sweeten them up. The sunflowers are ripening, too, while the gladioli fade away. A few surprise dahlias showed up, and hopefully will have had enough time to replenish their tubers before first frost. This autumn, we will dig up as many as we can find and store them for the winter.

The younger boy is coming and going with homework, friends, activities, and the usual ups and downs of high school. The older boy is looking for work during a “gap year” between high school and college. With about as much success as I am having getting started in substitute teaching… we will both have success, it’s just a long process.

The house is coming together still more, and the yard is “good enough” to be ready for autumn, though of course I would like to have cover crops in soon and the rest of the well house clean and neatened up. The living room which was (for almost a week) clean, clear of clutter and open has again succumbed to boxes of books needing shelving, laundry needing folding, and items for give-away. Oh well, that’s life!

The bedroom now has lighter, brighter drapes, sheers that I purchased on my last trip to IKEA. Renta Ljuv, in case you are wondering. They nicely complement the pattern of the pretty ceiling lamp, which is a Böja. The idea I had was to have a lighter, brighter look for the long dark days of winter, floral and pretty. With the white sheers on the windows, the lavender wall on the opposite side seems brighter as well. Sometimes, my ideas work!