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The garden today

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It has been dry often enough for us to make some progress in the garden. We have room for a few more things, but at the moment all the seeds we had planned for are in the ground.

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Grant’s two birds, and his girlfriend’s two birds. Recipe for…. Disaster?


Dads and other real heros

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I get tired of the hyperbole so common in the media today, particularly when it comes to their descriptions of sports stars, actors and others in popular news. I have heard too often a high-scoring player referred to as a “hero.” And then they need to up the ante when they are faced with someone who actually does good in the world, who takes risks to help others, who is true to their values, who dies in order to protect others from harm.

Our children take what the media says seriously, and begin to emulate the non-heros. They feel as if they can never measure up to the unrealistic expectations, and they miss out on forming strong relationships in the rush to be “better than.”

True heros are not “better than” other people, they are just people. People who do amazing things in big ways or small. From the spectacularly visible work of women like Fawzia Koofi to the quiet work of people who go into dangerous neighborhoods to locate and protect children in danger, to the reluctant hero who in the moment makes a decision to do something dangerous to help another, heros take advantage of opportunities to make a difference. Many people in the public eye are doing difficult work, and good work, but are not heros. Many people who work daily at simple tasks are.

Sports “heros?” Not usually. Just highly visible people who make a lot of money until they use up their bodies.

Actor “heros?” Rarely. Recognizable, and often involved in a high-profile cause or another, but only as long as it gets them attention.

Daily heros? Many — from the parents and grandparents and other relatives who work long hours and come home tired but still have time for the kids. Teachers, firefighters, police, nurses, doctors and others who have complicated jobs and do them faithfully, year after year, never knowing how far their reach extends. They show us how to live good lives, no mean feat today.

Other heroes, like war heros and people who save others from drowning or fire, those show us all how to face our fears, face death and come out triumphant.

What is a hero? Heros are not perfect — and do not need to be. A hero is someone who demonstrates the best that humans can be at some point. A person who can, with one action, remind us all of our potential.

It’s father’s day. In the United States, people are having barbecues, parties and celebrations in honor of their fathers — and those who stand in for absent fathers. The dads who have been there for their families… daily heros. Celebrate the loving caregivers in your lives today.

A turtle pic (or two)

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Today in the Garden

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first strawberry of 2012

yet another view of the first strawberry

it’s strawberry season

Too good not to share

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I think this is a fun way to pay tribute to Mr. Rogers — he would have been so interested in how it was made!

PBS Studios/John Boswell remix


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A once-in-three-lifetimes event…

Here are three pictures I took of our planet-watching today. Tom, setting up the telescope, an extreme-zoom view of the planet where the sun is much bigger than the aperture of the scope, and a zoomed out view where the speck is more proportional.

The weather cooperated uncharacteristically, turning “mostly sunny” just as the transit began. Otherwise, the forecast yesterday and today, and for much of the week, is supposed to be non-stop rain. We got lucky, and the plants got a little more light.

There were also two gorgeous eagles flying overhead… here is the youtube link. You can hear how upset the crows were!