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The long slide into autumn

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Last Sunday, it rained. The day was gray, humid to a point, and the overcast made everything seem bluer than normal. I worked on refinishing some picnic furniture, getting a coat of polyurethane on to help it make it through a few more years. As the day wore on, the clouds lowered, settling in near the tops of the trees with sinister intent. It was still. Nevertheless, we watered the garden, knowing that if we didn’t the rain would hold off. It always does, when the plants need it in August. So we watered, and went inside.
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Vacations, Dreaming, End-of-Summer-Time

Posted by on 25 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: British Columbia, children, food, Gardens and Life, good things, seasons, travel, Uncategorized, Vacations

Summer is almost gone, in our world. Astronomically, we have at least another month. Realistically, two weeks. If we are lucky, an “Indian Summer” in October for three or four weeks before the clouds close in permanently and the rains wash all the remnants of sunlight away.

A week ago, I was in “Beautiful British Columbia” — on Vancouver Island, enjoying the company of friends and my mother for a few days. Unfortunately, pictures that I took were few and didn’t really show much. But here is a quick travel itinerary!
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Homeward, out of order

Posted by on 21 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: British Columbia, friends, good things, seasons, Uncategorized, Vacations

This has been a lovely vacation. Hard to write posts on the ipad, must remember to bring a keyboard next time! Hence, the out of order posting, and the posting of this the day I got home instead of while on the road yesterday. It was written while waiting for the ferry, when I didn’t have an internet connection.

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Vacation on Vancouver Island

Posted by on 17 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: British Columbia, friends, fun, good things, review, travel, Uncategorized

Yesterday, took the Black Ball ferry (MV Coho) to Victoria with Mother. Most rolling crossing ever. The swells were huge, very litlle chop. Not bad, just a little hard to walk with the deck heaving like that.

Then a marvelous visit with our dear friend, Hetty. She recommended a book by Henry James, which I found at Project Gutenberg and Downloaded to my ipad’s Books reader.

Supper at Siam Thai restaurant, a little shopping, and back to the James Bay Inn, where we usually stay. Just a little way down Government street from the harbor, in an old neighborhood. Third floor, looking toward the harbor. This was the view that greeted me this morning.


And, of course, the calls of seagulls and an occasional crow.

A Saturday in August

Posted by on 11 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, housework, seasons, Uncategorized, weather

Today began like a normal late-summer morning: foggy.

August morning mist
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Keeping up with… something or another.

Posted by on 10 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, Uncategorized

Today we invested in a small (5.0 cu ft) chest freezer. It is now installed next to the much larger front-opening freezer in the utility room.

taking the freezer out of the box

freezer in place

Now I will have room to store some grains and nuts (if we buy in bulk and freeze it’s cheaper), extra meats and meals (I like to make lasagna and tamales in quantity and freeze some for later), and frozen fruit for baking later in the year.

Tom finished the framing for the garden gate. I put a bag of compost in the cold frame and dug it in, ready for planting a crop for winter. And weeded some…

Gate in place, one side 2 feet, the other 3 feet

the garden from the driveway, gate in place

Finally, Tom and I tallied the jars of jam and jelly from this year. I have 69 at the moment (have given away at least 8 jars so far), ranging in size from 4 ounces to quart. We have plum jam and plum jelly, plum-currant jelly, sour plum jelly and plum surprise jam (plum base with peach, raspberry and blueberry); strawberry, gooseberry and raspberry jam; raspberry jelly; raspberry, marionberry and raspberry-marionberry jam; and cherry pie filling. And yes, you are noticing a dearth of blueberry and plain-old blackberry jams. Either they are still-to-come or for next year, after all 69 jars, even if some are destined for gifts, is a LOT of jam!

Here are the glads from yesterday’s post, on the hutch from Granny. They weren’t going to survive well under the bird netting that protected them from the deer, so it made sense to bring them in.

pink and white with yellow center, flame orange and coral pink gladioli

This week in the garden

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There are some new blooms: gladioli in many colors

Red, pink and coral colored gladioli

The gate is taking shape and will be done soon, here Grant and Tom just setting one of the posts:

Grant swings to set the fencepost in place

The first harvest of purple beans has occurred! They turn green when cooked, and have a nice flavor, a little more fresh than greenbeans normally provide.

Purple beans, freshly picked

I didn’t work as much in the garden or house as I had planned, and hoped, but still some progress was made!

Progress is good…

House and Garden: Real Life

Posted by on 02 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, good things, housework, Uncategorized

I have in the past had subscriptions to periodicals such as “Better Homes and Gardens” and “Sunset” (Western Edition, of course), as well as “Horticulture” and “Organic Gardening” among others. Sometimes, reading magazines is like the equivalent of a fashion- or fitness-conscious person reading fashion and exercise magazines (which I have also been and done in the far-distant past). It makes me feel INADEQUATE.
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