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Autumn Begins: The Garden Matures

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As Autumn begins in the Pacific Northwest there are certain things that we expect such as smoke from scattered wildfires and a gradual shift from the dark greens of the surrounding forest to a golden hue as willows and indian plum trees at the margins respond to the fading light. There are some things that, year after year, come as a pleasant surprise – the last few sunny, warm days when the sky feels close enough to touch and the occasional burst of bright color from the bigleaf maples that are native and the many sweetgum trees that are the tree of the decade for landscapers of commercial properties.
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End of summer in the garden

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We have been working very hard to take out some of the “clutter” trees in the hedgerows and groves. There are several piles around the yard of branches and debris that is too big for an actual compost pile and too small for firewood or other lumber. I’d chip it up and use it around the gardens, but right now I don’t think we can afford a chipper.
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Garden update

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Okay, here are a few pics from this past week:

The house with the fig tree looking big and the garden under the medlar looking “kempt.”

the brown turkey fig taller than the house, and the garden looking mature

The hollyhock the deer almost annihilated, no leaves, only one flower bud remained… and it BLOOMED!

the hollyhock is about 2 feet tall, the bloom about 4 inches across; lucky in the background

The garden, showing the gate (still need to finish the right side) and the cosmos blooming in the center.

garden entry corner, with a blue wheelbarrow in front and the remainder of the roll of fencing waiting to be removed

And here was today’s project: The front door. Partly done, can you tell the inspiration?

blue door, two white "windows" at the top needs finishing still

First day of school 2012

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This is what it means to be motivated and ready. So proud of my son.

Pruning: Taking risks now for future increase

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The plum tree, which bore so well this summer, was seriously overgrown. Some branches, under their load of plums, had snapped. Others had simply drooped so low they weren’t going to recover. One branch was so low Tom had trouble mowing on that side of the tree. In addition, it was growing into the European pear tree, the apple tree, and the rugosa rose. Once I removed the overgrown part of the rugosa, it was clear that the main branch heading uphill was also deforming around the rose.

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