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Homecoming 2012

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Our Grant and his friends …

toasting their good fortune (with red mountain dew)

action pose, kids conversing

… and heading out the door for homecoming.

Grant and friends ready to go to supper

Being home this year so I can see the action and enjoy the excitement has been wonderful.

I am so proud of Grant’s deportment in social situations like this.

Repost: 2009 “Writer Profile”

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I wrote this for the class I took called Ecology of Language and Place. It was posted on April 13, 2009. Although I would rework it some today, the essence of the piece is fairly intact. I was actually looking for something else, and discovered that the class blog was still active! Here is a link to the original, I believe you can get to other things I wrote at that time through this.
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Coming soon: NaNoWriMo!

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I have decided to record my work this year on NaNoWriMo in a separate category on this website. You can view the entry page with a progress log under the “Literary Pursuits” category in the menu bar. Here is a link to the NaNoWriMo 2012 page.

Each day’s entry will be posted linked to that page.

Meantime, I have another ten days to be “just” a mom and teacher and very bad housekeeper…

Rain, Sun, Rain, Fog, Rain (sunbreaks), Drizzle…

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There is a pattern developing in the weather!

Although the forecasters are predicting a drier than normal autumn and winter (which I would rather not have!), for the moment the weather seems mostly to have settled in to a comfortable rhythm. What puzzles me at the moment is that, most years, the bigleaf maples are glowing with bright yellow leaves (unless it has been raining a lot in which case they are rust-colored).
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Teaching in October: New mindsets

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I am fortunate enough that, while we really can use every penny I earn, I am not desperately trying to support myself or anyone else on what I earn. As a substitute teacher, IF I worked full days every day of the months that school is in session, I would not be able to pay the mortgage along with my student loans. Forget food, insurance of any kind, gasoline to get to and from assignments…
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The Rain (video)

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view of the heavy-laden quince tree in the rain

This is from about 3 p.m. today. Click on the picture to play the video. Use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page when you are done.

Our first chestnut… and other updates

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Sunday, as I was walking toward the house from the garden, I decided to take a long cut through the orchard and under the large chestnut tree. On the ground, I spied a chestnut — spiky and green, stem and dried flowers still attached. When I picked it up, thinking it would be fun to share with students, it was heavier than I expected. Inside I went, and with much finger-pricking (the spikes were starting to harden, and needle-sharp!), and expressions of ouchiness, I managed to pry the segments of the husk apart. Two of the three nuts inside were shriveled and empty, as all of them have been since the tree went in. But the third! OH! We have our first, honest-to-goodness, real home-grown chestnut!

open chestnut hull showing developed nut
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Food and Gardens

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After years of stagnation in house and yard, we made progress in the garden, and the flower beds are much neater and prolific. And now, we are making progress in the house, as evidenced by the (recycled/reclaimed) green carpet in the living room that should help us keep a little warmer this winter. The piano and other furniture, having been moved for the carpet laying are now dust-free, and decluttered. Continue Reading »