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Birthday boy…

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Here he is, just after the Marvin Hamlisch tribute at the Seattle Pops.


That’s our boy!

Anniversaries and Aging

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Many years ago this morning we welcomed Grant into our family.

One of my favorite memories will always be Matthew being lifted onto the hospital bed and patting Grant gently while saying, “Welcome, Granville Grant.” He had been looking forward to being a big brother for nearly half his life, and he was such a good helper, always ready to “read” to his baby brother!

We were all glad to have Grant join our family. In those days, we lived in an apartment complex where the little courtyard our door opened onto was filled with children playing. We had excellent support from the neighbors and weren’t far from where Tom worked. We would visit Daddy for lunch many days, or walk him home after work. It was a pleasant time.

Grant started out so small: (photo when I get one uploaded)

Over the years, Grant played in the gardens at the college, and finally in our own yard. He went to school, learned fast, made friends, tried new things (decided some weren’t to his liking) and grew.

And grew while he started playing the violin and then the trombone.

And growing up on the water, he grew while he paddled…

two boys paddling red canoe Grant is the one in front, Matthew in back.

And grew while he started acting at school and then in a community group and then stage-managed for school plays.

There have been many birthdays, like this one only a few years ago (my handsome boy in the middle, when his hair was long).

6th grade best buddies:  J, Grant and B

And grew while he made friends and became a leader of his peers (ASB president in his 8th grade year!).

And grew while he entered high school and picked up the guitar and began singing and playing in public while waiting for us to pick him up.

And now he’s nearly 6 feet tall, and so grown-up!

He’s kind, funny, helpful, hard-working, fun-loving, smart and talented. He’s handsome. He sings! He dances! He plays musical instruments! He draws! He carves! He knows how to weed, prune and plant!

But don’t order yet, he also does all these amazing things!

He bakes!
He cooks!
He cleans! (with prompting, some assembly required)
He writes! (comes with both poetry and prose, additional genres available)
He swims!
He rides bikes!
He does taekwondo!
He …

You get the picture, I hope.

This child of ours, who started out so small and helpless (only eight and a half pounds), now towers above us and can do anything he wants to. If it takes effort, he does the work. If it takes time, he is patient.

Happy Birthday, Grant.

We are so proud of you.

Long, Lazy Day Off

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I woke up late, played around with Lucky, got some laundry going and cleaned up around the sewing machine. It isn’t bright enough to work where I have the sewing table, so I set up shop in the kitchen. It took about 5 hours, start to finish — 8 with the breaks I took.

It was a lovely, sunny day and the light coming through the skylight made the work seem easier. Lucky and I went outside three or four times, to enjoy the sun and check out the yard.

Photo Feb 19, 11 06 23 AM

I didn’t take pics of the whole process (insert huge sigh of relief), but I took a few, and Tom took a couple when he got home of me wearing the finished project.

Read on, if you are interested…

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My classroom, and stidkid

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Tom helped me set up anther computer for the room today.

And I finished rearranging the tables. It is looking better, hopefully there are some good improvements in my technique as well.





The last pic is of Mother and Grant with Tom in the background at the Solo and Ensemble day last weekend. He got a “Superior” rating… Not bad for his first time out!

Past Eleven and STILL Up

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Some nights I find it harder to get to sleep than others.

Tonight, apparently is one of them.
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Techdate: crosspost from LiveJournal

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This is a crosspost from the online journal I keep mostly for technology-related posts. However, this is also about teaching, and perhaps explains (along with daily grading of papers, lesson-planning, meetings and tracking down experienced teachers to bounce ideas off…) why I have been posting irregularly and rather poorly the last two months.

I owe my readers an update on the garden and personal life as well, but will do that this evening, when I hope to take actual “downtime” with no papers hanging over my head!

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Three weeks in…

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I have just finished planning for the fourth week of my tenure in 7th grade. I had a series of very long, difficult days in the past two weeks. Conferences with parents and students who are at risk of not being able to go on to 8th grade. Learning a little bit more about how to reprimand students before sending them to the office. New students coming in, other students leaving (short-timer syndrome was rampant this week, NOT easy to deal with!). I am trying to leave the school no later than 4:30 or 5, but a couple of nights I was past 8 pm.

It’s the sort of thing new teachers do, planning. Working longer hours to refine and recraft. Thinking about what would work better, trying to find resources to make the learning stick quicker and last longer. Considering the best methods to reach various students. Trying something, and then trying something else. I am enjoying most of it, and realizing that I need to set limits. So on Friday, I left as soon as I had the classroom in order, all the materials that needed grading, filing and sorting in my bags to go home.

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