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Cross-post techdate and update

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We had a truly unpleasant experience last night at our local Best Buy.

Bear in mind that we have purchased computer equipment, a freezer, a television, many types of video games and other items there, and Tom gets fairly nice little rebates on the purchases because most of them are more than 50 dollars.

We went in last night to buy a Macbook for Tom, to replace the computer he had before the fire.

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Part of the story

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Words might not be necessary…





We are sad. Not much left to rebuild on, but we will start again, at mid-life, and hope that experiencing this sort of loss now prepares the children a little bit for anything they encounter.


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He was a good boy.

Rainbows and pots of gold

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We get rain here. A lot. And frequently. It is rarely torrential, thankfully, but it leaves us feeling soggy a good bit. Because our rain exists as a “state of being” for months at a time, rainbows are fairly uncommon most times of the year. When they do show up, they can be hard to see behind the trees and the hills.

Gold, on the other hand, is abundant this time of year. We have red-gold catkins on the alders, lingering tawny gold grasses from last year’s autumn, a greenish-gold hint of color on the ends of the maples and willows, and wherever humans have settled, mounds of yellow-gold that cascades across lawns and hills.

It’s daffodil season!

A quick run through the garden on Friday yielded an abundance of colorful – and golden – opportunities to see the season changing in the moment.
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The lovely green…

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The middle of March, one of my favorite times of the year. Spring is about to begin, according to the sun. Most years, for us, it is several weeks in. Although a few years ago, spring was still months away!

Here are the latest updates from the garden.
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March: in like a lamb… (for the Salish Sea)

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Friday night when I got home I noticed a pair of daffodils almost blooming by the edge of the driveway. Yesterday, they were in bloom, and today they have been joined by some of the daffodils under the medlar.

There have been several years when our weather was contrary to the weather in other parts of the country, this one seems more extreme for some reason. We have had “spring like” weather for the last two months. Back in the middle and eastern sections of North America, it is cold, with 2 monster storms since November, and moderate storms filling in the gaps. The hardship of last summer’s drought is now being matched by the hardship of this winter’s blizzards and extreme cold.
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