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The roof on the house

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A picture of the back (the color of the wall is not the final color…), the full length (that’s me in the doorway), and one of the front of the house showing one of the skylight boxes.



Dodging figurative bullets

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Today for the first time I went to urgent care while experiencing the reaction to cow products. Eating out (my end-of-week treat) I didn’t notice that one of the types of sushi I ordered was made with cream cheese. Fortunately, I know the symptoms and get pretty weirded out by the “precursor” bits. So I got Tom moving, paid the bill (wasn’t so bad or fast that I felt it required calling an ambulance) and Tom drove me to Urgent Care. I did not use the epi-pen, though the doctor sort of scolded me and said I probably should next time…

He did say that it was okay to take the benadryl [diphenhydramine] (which is the first thing I do when exposed because of course the real problem is the histamine reaction), and that as long as the other symptoms (swelling tongue, difficulty breathing, hives) don’t show up I am probably fine this time. But he reminded me that the epi-pen is the best first response when I start to have a reaction, followed by someone driving me to the hospital (or calling medics). So I did not grade any papers or student writing tonight because I was too far out of it.

On the other hand, so far I am not having any sort of recurrence (it has now been about 6 hours) or additional symptoms so I think I will take more Benadryl and head for bed. Funny thing, when I need the antihistamine for the allergic reactions, I don’t feel sleepy or anything from it. Or maybe, since the “scary” part of the reaction is the low blood pressure that I am just too woozy too notice any additional weird symptoms.

My (rambling) point is that I am okay, but I really need to ask EVERY time if something is safe. The people at this restaurant are so nice, they were so sad that I got sick! If you, like me, don’t want to inconvenience people, the lesson here is to inconvenience them a little bit and you might avoid inconveniencing them A LOT through by-passing the drama of trips to the Emergency Room.

Or, as I tell my students who have glasses they won’t wear… don’t worry about what other people will think, use all your tools. In this case, a voice to make sure things are “copacetic.”

If you thought it looked good last week…

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Went to the house again today, and what a difference a couple days makes!

A much more substantial-looking entrance!

A much more substantial-looking entrance!

When we were done with this, we went into town and got sample quarts of five paint colors: three different blues, a white and a lovely golden brown. I’ll go out tomorrow and paint some scrap lumber so we can see how it looks in larger blocks.

We were going to look at the gas fireplaces again, but couldn’t get hold of the store to see if the person we have been working with was there. And the plumbing supply company we need to go to isn’t open on Saturday (a problem when contractors’ customers work during the week…).

I spent a number of hours grading papers. I will grade more this evening.

But I am really excited about the house this evening. Inside, it looks like a real house finally. I can see how high the ceilings will really be, and judge the spaces a lot better now. It’s going to be very livable. And surprisingly, with ceilings lower and the height of the living room ceiling clearly marked, the rooms feel “bigger” — perhaps because I am no longer able to directly compare their size with the great outdoors?

A quick pic of the living room:

A good space, nice light from the windows.

A good space, nice light from the windows.

We were able to make a few more decisions about skylight and sola tube placement, and think we can eliminate one light fixture (the decorative one in the hall) for now. And I am getting closer to finalizing decisions about lighting elsewhere… It’s going to be a busy, fun couple of months.

Significant Progress

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We have a roof. And dormers.

A roof. And soon, maybe by the end of this month (if things can dry out enough) ceilings. Definitely before the winter vacation. And then… then things will start being crazy-busy with all the inside tasks: lights, cabinets, trim, painting…

I took a few pictures this morning before I went to school. Yes, I drove out to my home, and then all the way back in, just to see the progress George and George made since Monday (our framers have an easy way for me to remember their names, did you figure it out?).

Here’s the gist of it, unlabeled photos just so I can get something up. I hate to leave my amazing readers hanging! Sorry they are a bit blurry — my cell phone has good picture-capacity, but without a flash and in my haste… Continue Reading »