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The dining room light and lighting decisions.

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I was thinking about something that was a reproduction “craftsman style” shade with stained glass in a basketweave pattern. That would have been lovely.

Then, I saw this fixture from an old New York train station. It’s a bit large, and some might say out of scale, but the light it gives off is a lovely, warm glow rather than an in-your-eyes burst. It will be different from anything else in the city — and because it is genuine art deco (antique) it will help ground the house a bit… I also like that the design is a sort of “greige” (the new term for a shade between gray and beige), which is a fairly modern part of the house decorating palette. It will help me find a few other elements once we move in.

The design consists of classic "art deco" elements with stylized wheat and flower motifs in radiating and linear patterns.

And of course, for my Tom, the best bread maker in the world, the wheat pattern seems appropriate. Design-wise, I also like the fact that it comes from a time when, after a terrible event (“The Great War”), people were optimistically looking toward the future. They were rebuilding, moving on, making plans. Just like us.

I can hardly wait to see this fixture installed!

The fireplace (to be)

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This is a picture of Tom standing where the fireplace will be, taken December 25, 2013.

I think we can move the fireplace (gas) up a few inches, but Tom also wants the mantel down a couple inches (so the television will be a little lower). So we’ll see. At least now you can get a feel for how tall the vaulted ceiling will be (Tom is 5’8″) and how wide that part of the room is. The entry is behind Tom, and the hallway. The room on the right (from the viewer’s angle) is the kitchen. It’s HUGE. The kitchen is actually BIGGER than the living room…

It’s going to be a good house.


Your eyes do not deceive

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With Matthew’s help, I have been playing around again with some of the website code.

I have made the background for the page a light pink-beige, and chose a similar color for the background of captions that go with pictures.

I have also moved back to a serif typface after a couple years of a san-serif face. This one is “Georgia” which is a nice all-around simple font. The serifs lend a bit of elegance and assist with reading when eyes are tired.

I will probably play around with things a little bit more as the vacation goes on.

I just want to say that I really enjoy WordPress as a platform for the website. It is (mostly) intuitive and generally works as advertised. I love the ease of trying out new themes and adapting and amending them. It’s a good interface for beginners with enough flexibility for people with more experience.

Making decisions

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Today, we followed up a tip from my brothers, Matt and Dave, on a place in Centralia that collects, refinishes and sells old bathroom fixtures. My dream tub was there!

A little longer than the one I was going to order online which would have been a reproduction, this one felt PERFECT when I sat in it. I like that we are not using up all the resources to get a reproduction, but re-using something that has a history.

I like that the feet are a little smaller/more delicate than the really fat claw feet, they will fit the space a lot better. The tub itself won’t leave a lot of “wiggle room” in the alcove, but it will be so comfortable…

Here is a pic as it looks right now. I will decide on a color for the outside later, they will finish it and deliver it in February.
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I have been waiting for these… in the old house I had a skylight in my office and a skylight in the kitchen. These skylights will illuminate the kitchen-dining-living space, with solatubes in the hall, bathrooms and my office. Tom’s office, and Grant’s and our bedrooms don’t have any sun-light (other the windows) but those are spaces that sometimes you really don’t want it to be light.

Skylights. Finally the house is closed off from the elements.

Two skylights in place.  Near the peak of the roof, on the livingroom side but the wells will reach to the dining/kitchen side as well.  It will be so bright and airy in the house!

Two skylights in place. Near the peak of the roof, on the livingroom side but the wells will reach to the dining/kitchen side as well. It will be so bright and airy in the house!

Right now, inside is still pretty gloomy, but as things dry out, and the walls are installed it will start to really take shape.

Today the gas plumber was there.

Next week, the electrician.

Then an inspection, insulation, walls…

Soon. Very soon.

Late, later…

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This image is from a couple of weeks ago. The boards going up on the front, trim work (the three men you see are carpenters, the plumber must have been inside that day). Tom took this image. I thought he took others while we were there Saturday, but nothing of the outside of the house. Pics of the inside just look confusing as the foreground and background compete for attention with the cellphone’s limited range. I will try to get out to the house again later this week, but the lovely sunny days are gone for now.

front of house with partial siding on