and it started pouring down HAIL.

Big, loud, dropping like marbles from angry thunderclouds. The parking lot at the apartment in town is white with hard pellets and deep in water.

For the record, I think we have had rain for at least part of every day since the first week of April. The news channels are reporting that we have had record rainfall this last couple months — and if we had had normal rainfall over the winter (it was extraordinarily dry) it would be a very very wet season. Meantime, we are still setting records for rainfall right now, even as we anticipate a very much longer dry season than normal.

I think today’s outdoor work will wait until tomorrow afternoon.

Meantime… Packing, shopping (online), and working on professional obligations (school-based evaluations for my performance, and contacting people who have been references for me in the past to see if they will “re-up.”).

Tomorrow I can get into the house. I will start working on tiling. If I am careful, I can get things set up for doing the floor of the shower on Tuesday. And the walls on Wednesday and Thursday. I will let the plumber know he can come and finish up on Friday… I will just have to bite the bullet and get it done.

Hope the hail hasn’t damaged the fruit trees at home!