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Senior Prom

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This is my boy, and his girl. Dapper and Elegant. What a cute couple they have made for nearly 4 years.

The picture was taken outside the State Capitol building.  It has a lovely rotunda, but the feature that always intrigued me were these amazing bronze doors with scenes from Washington State in bas relief...

The picture was taken outside the State Capitol building. It has a lovely rotunda, but the feature that always intrigued me were these amazing bronze doors with scenes from Washington State in bas relief…

So proud of these young adults!


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Occupancy Permitted

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We have basically finished the shower, there are some trim pieces to finish in the master bath still, and a shower curtain to install… and some closet fittings to obtain and put in… but otherwise the immediate building needs inside are complete. The yard needs work still (and will, for some time to come!), and there are some accoutrements outside that I need to put up (dragonfly door knocker, plant hanger, family “name plate” that I made for Tom).

But today the county signed off on the “Certificate of Occupancy.” So tonight, for the first time, Tom and I are sitting in front of the fire, NOT urgently trying to install, finish, polish or fix anything.

It feels so very good. We will move this coming weekend, clean the apartment and be done with being “city people” for a good long time, forever I hope!

Here are a few pics.

The first is from last weekend, when Grant and a friend were enjoying watering the front garden. It is taking shape, and I want to post about it, but so far haven’t had light when I had a camera.

Watering before the rain

It did, of course, rain the next day!

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Progress. Finally, visible progress.

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We have worked on the master bathroom almost every day this month. I was sick for two weekends, once with a migraine and once with a virus, which set us back a lot.

I kept taking pictures intending to document the work. However, it seemed that although we put in dozens of hours each week the actual progress was so slight from day to day that it was not worth mentioning.

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Passages: Billy Frank, Jr.

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It took many decades and incredible strength and determination to restore the treaty rights of native peoples in the Pacific Northwest so they can fish and hunt in their peoples’ “usual and accustomed” locations. Billy Frank, Jr. is one of the many who fought long and hard and took great personal risks to stand up for what is right.

He is not the only person who fought and suffered on behalf of the tribes, but he was a vivid reminder of all those who have come before and inspiration to all those who will come after. It was always less, it seemed to me, about him than it was about the future.

I honor his memory, and hope that my own life will transmit some of the values he taught: courage, honesty, and hope.

His passing marks the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one. I hope all the peoples of the Salish Sea can work together and live together as faithful and passionate stewards for future generations.

Yesterday it rained

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And rained. And rained. According to the weather team at KOMO in Seattle, we have already had more rain this year than fell in all of 1952 (the driest year on record). A short article was posted to their blog this morning.

Yesterday we worked on the house. Grant and Tom (and Mady) got the wardrobe boxes finished. Mady and I (and Tom) made progress on the tile in the shower. Tabitha visited with her baby bird (I got to hold it!).

It rained, drizzling gently at first, then more and more insistently until in the evening when we were driving home from town – with still more mortar for the shower – traffic on the highway slowed to 45. I was surprised we didn’t have lightning, it was so stormy!

Today we will get enough tile up in the shower that we can put the rest of the bathroom fixtures. Well, our amazing plumber will put in the rest of the fixtures this week. I will finish the remainder of the tiling next weekend… Mady will help again and I will ask her to help with replanting a few pots and boxes. I need some pretty plants again — most of them died in the extreme cold of last winter.

And in between, it will be raining.

I have a full week of teaching, including some extra hours in the mornings for three days (the money will come in handy!). Then a full week the week after, then I am taking my first-ever personal day for a four-day week, and a four-day week after that for the Memorial Day weekend.

Right now, I have 40 calendar days until the end of the school year. Hopefully, fewer than that before we are approved to move in to our home.

It’s time.