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Passages: Mentor

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My friend, Denise, has passed on.

I hadn’t seen her in a couple years, except for once at my school last year and once at a restaurant this summer. She was busy with parenting and teaching, and so was I. She was terribly ill, I was trying to recover from the fire. So many regrets…

She was a kind person, an excellent teacher, and the best mentor for a mid-life new teacher I could ever have had.

This is a hole in my heart, and a crater in the universe.

Today in the garden

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Tom cleared more of the veggie garden today, and so did I.

Grant weeded part of the pond garden today, and I helped.

The deer have all-but killed one of the smaller Asian pears. The crows are ravenously grabbing all the possible upper fruits…

We have blueberries, blackberries, red huckleberries and pears coming on. Plums are done — made three batches of plum jam this year.

Earlier this week, my dear friend Dorothy brought some lovely plants — a jade plant, some coleus and a pink oleander (never knew how beautiful they smell!). They look lovely in front of the house.

Below are a few pics.

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Shelf Elf

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Two actually — my shelf elves put up the last shelves in the linen closets over the weekend.

Here they are, hard at work.

working in the hall closet

Master bath linen shelves

The process is getting easier, as we learn more about the Closet Maid system. The best part is, once the horizontal hang tracks are in place, the rest is very easily reconfigured as our needs for storage change. We are starting with just a few shelves in each location, and will add in or move them around as needed.

What do you do when…

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…the temperature outside is already close to 75 F, the house is as cool as it is going to be and starting to inch up (70 being the low inside today), and you have NO blinds/drapes/shutters for the windows that get the most sun?


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