January 2015

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Posted by on 07 Jan 2015 | Tagged as: fun, Gardens and Life, good things, music, Uncategorized

Tonight, for the first time since the fire, I experienced over an hour of complete and total immersion — bliss — concentration — joy… I played a drum for our local community orchestra.

It was so much like dancing — or making dolls — or painting — or being in my garden.

And, for a while, there were three generations of our family in the room, making music together.

It was magical (for me at least) and I think I am going to do this for a long time.

New Year Intentions

Posted by on 01 Jan 2015 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, hope, seasons, Uncategorized

Working on stating things in the positive this year:

  • I will organize my home office/studio in easy stages
  • I will be patient with myself as I continue learning to teach a new age range
  • I will organize my school files as I finish each week, so the work does not pile up
  • I will begin making plans for my next year, now that I understand what needs to be in place at the mid-year point
  • I will plan my garden upgrades with long-term sustainability in mind instead of short-term appearances
  • I will maintain my health and as I am able increase my exercise and improve my diet

May the new year bring opportunities for abundance, prosperity and joy.