February 2015

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Seattle Flower and Garden Show!

Posted by on 14 Feb 2015 | Tagged as: friends, fun, garden, good things, Uncategorized

Yesterday, I went with Mother and a couple of good friends to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. We had a very fine time!

I did not spend as much as I had available (a first for me!). I left the amazing dragonfly wind chime behind, bought 11 dahlia tubers from Dan to replace the 70 or so I have lost in the last three years (critters, rot, disease?). Bought some new tubers/corms/roots for myself when I was purchasing a couple lovely alstromerias for a friend who recently retired. And I talked with a man who builds furniture from used casks — AMAZING things. I can special order a bench for the shower, at the height I like, with a polyurethane finish that will stand up better to the wetter environment. Will do that soon…

Meantime, here are a few pictures, in no particular order, of things that caught my eye. Mother is in several (shows scale!), some are out of focus (lighting, distance, ipad!). I didn’t take as many as I might have with a more compact camera.
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Today in the Garden

Posted by on 08 Feb 2015 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, good things, seasons, Uncategorized, weather

It has been unseasonably warm, though the rain yesterday began to make up for the unseasonably dry issue. Today when I awoke, and for several hours, there was blue sky overhead. It was nearly 52 degrees outside before noon. I opened the back door wide to let in the fresh air, and heard the eagles calling to each other. The bulbs that still need planting and moving were calling to me, too.

Two hours of work outside, and the hyacinths and irises that took refuge for almost two years in the veggie garden are ready to be replanted next weekend in the back yard. One more bed, with unknown quantities and types of bulbs, that has the mountain huckleberry and “Lois’ Rose” (gift from her widower after she died) has yet to be cleared, but we are now ready to plant veggies as soon as the soil dries a bit and I have a good soil test back.
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