This page holds images of some of the people who inspire me, or images of their work.

I made a photo montage of six people today (20 Dec 2007), will add more images and such as I am reminded…

Clockwise from the top left: Sta. Teresa de Avila, Indira and Mohandas Gandhi (who were distant cousins, when she was young and he was not), Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Princess Diana (a distant cousin of mine who made being nice a good thing), and in the center, Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan. It wasn’t intentional that these first few are all deceased…

photo montage of people I admire

Here is another Hero, I think this man probably did more to teach parents how to be loving than anyone else…  with the puppet that gave kids permission to be afraid and to be gentle while learning to be brave and strong.

Mr. Rogers and Daniel Striped Tiger

And here is a quiet, caring person: my father in law who, I am sure, taught my darling Tom how to be a great Daddy.  I borrowed the pic from the family genealogy site, it’s the best current one I have of him!

Tom's Dad