2010: August 21

WHERE: Downtown Olympia, Farmer’s Market

note: Aug 21 is the morning of the pet parade. Also, there is some construction going on near the State Capitol campus. Take Exit 105 to PLUM street (Google Maps tries to get you to Capitol Way) and head toward the water (North). Turn left on State (it’s a one-way street) and then right on Capitol Way to get to the Farmer’s Market. Parking can be hard to find at the market, there is on-street parking available also on the many side streets.

WHEN: I will be at the Farmer’s Market around 12:30, wearing a big floppy hat (the market opens at 10, for earlier-birds). Look for me in the garden, or at the little coffee shop (Dancing Goats) across D Avenue from the Market. We’ll be flexible about what we do from there! Starting at 2:30 we have reservations at Mercato, which will get us out of the sun or rain (depending on the weather).


  • stidmama
  • stidgmere
  • jillibus
  • bugsaw
  • vashongin
  • flosey
  • jmcnrick
  • pinikula
  • riemann
  • mcurlschool
  • you?

If you wish to join us, feel free to just show up… you’ll recognize the people all talking at once! Or, you can email in advance using my login name at gmail.com in case there are changes.