Well, rather than clutter up the blogroll with many little pages I have snagged, here is the comprehensive list. I have lined-out services/blogs that have since been lost to the sands of time.

LiveJournal I hope to move these entries into the main blog list as soon as I figure out how!

Vox I tend to sporadically answer the question of the day, you might find some of the answers enlightening and amusing.

Frappr I started this as a way for people who play Babble to have a little bit of info about me.

Squidoo I have a couple of lenses at Squidoo also, they are, like so many things in my life, works in process.

I also have some web-based businesses (not currently in operation -May 2008):

Happy Messages and Quality Word Works are the business names registered to me.

Quality Word Works is the parent business, though I do not seek out those computer/typing based jobs any more. I do have one friend who asks me to update his small business website once each year, but that’s the only ongoing work I get.

I prefer to make greeting cards and scarves, and you can see examples of some of my work at Happy Messages. I really LOVE doing these creative things, and would probably spend a lot more time in the office on them if I found a real demand for what I do.

Now for the real question, have I actually made money with this?

Not really.  A couple hundred dollars a year at most, not enough to impact my credits for social security or anything else.  Someday, perhaps, I will have the time, space, energy and marketing to do more.