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The classroom after an actual MONTH

Posted by on 02 Oct 2014 | Tagged as: 3rd Grade, 3rd grade, broken bones, children, Family Matters, Gardens and Life, Uncategorized

This is how I left the room today, set up for a sub who gets to do the “fun stuff” with the kiddos. 🙂 I try to keep a few tricks up my sleeve just in case, and today it was necessary to pull a few of them out.

Tomorrow, Grant has a surgery to repair a hand damaged at work earlier in the week. Should be an “easy” fix and he should be fine, but just in case I thought I should be there.

So I took a few pics of the classroom. Here are a couple. I am not commenting on them individually since they are relatively standard schoolroom pics, but the room is looking more and more lived in. The large leaves hanging from the ceiling are felt. I got them at a local large kitchen and bath store, and they have really made the room feel less cavernous.
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Broken toes and little things

Posted by on 29 Jan 2012 | Tagged as: broken bones, climate, environment, Family Matters, Gardens and Life, good things, teaching, Uncategorized

I rammed my foot up against an immovable object this afternoon. Will be teaching with a broken toe for a while. Which I can do, but it’s not going to be fun. Crutches on standby, ugly but comfortable shoes at the ready!

It was a lovely, grey-infused day today. I like the gentle, seasonally productive, rains. It’s not so dark when the silver sun is falling.

I have done very little that is productive since I hurt my toe. Stuck with my foot elevated, tired of sitting. Will have to get up and get some of the materials I need for the coming week in order.

This week I will have a chance to teach a lesson on figurative language, and another an art-social studies lesson that will encourage discussion about perspective taking and decision making. I will get to talk about math, science, and a host of other topics that I find interesting.

While the elder stidkid stays in town with a friend for a few days so we don’t have to worry about coordinating schedules around school-work/school-work/school/work, I hope to get the house a little neater and more orderly.

And I hope it keeps raining, but gently. Our mountains need snow and our aquifers need recharging. The gardens of our lives all benefit from a little water blessing at regular intervals.


Posted by on 20 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: broken bones, children, Uncategorized

Same kid, same arm, different bone.  This time it’s something called a scaphoid bone, it’s a large-ish wrist bone just at the base of the thumb.

Same-old, same-old…  Not as bad as it could have been, but certainly annoying (and painful enough).

Will trade slightly used stidkid for his weight in chocolate…  48 kg.  no questions asked!

Thursday after Vacation

Posted by on 01 Mar 2007 | Tagged as: broken bones, children, reading, Uncategorized, weather

No, nothing turns out as it should…

Tuesday evening was not as I had hoped. But that’s okay, we’ll cope.

Yesterday was not at all as I had anticipated. I showed up to the school nearly 45 minutes early, had a talk with one of the professionals there, asking how to get the ball rolling on several things prior to a transition in schooling for one of the kids. I hate having to talk to people. I just hate it. And it shows…

When kid gets to the library where we work, I take one look at him (having been forewarned by one of the secretaries that he had asked to have his temp taken because he wasn’t feeling well…) and we leave. Get in the door not five minutes and he’s throwing up.

Good call, Mama!

For once. For anyone who’s counting, that means we spent all but three days in the entire month of February with at least one of us not healthy! Well I wasn’t feeling too chipper myself, so spent nearly the whole day on the sofa surfing, playing games and being very unproductive. And watching the snow come down intermittently. Snow. On the last day of February! Here is a pic of the well kid and what should be my bright pink tulips…snow on kid and plants

On the plus side, I never plan on actually accomplishing things on Wednesday, so it wasn’t a huge disappointment. And I did have the energy later to watch Lost with Tom — it’s one of the shows he enjoys and I haven’t been well enough to watch it until recently. It’s not a bad show…

Today Mr. Blue Cast and I went to see how his arm is doing. Healing nicely, but the cast stays on for now. Another two weeks, they’ll X-ray again and probably take the cast off then. I am just as happy with the situation, it keeps him from overusing it and possibly hurting it in another fall before it’s strong. Better to do it this way than to have him rebreak and maybe worse.

So the other kid and I spent the day resting, doing algebra and talking. I am feeling better (actually still tired, but not dragged out). I think the echinacea I took the last couple days has helped me avoid getting this particular nasty little bug. I hope.

Now, to write an update on the story and think about dinner. Leftovers, anyone?

True to Form… (the saga continues)

Posted by on 24 Feb 2007 | Tagged as: allergy, broken bones, children, friends, illness, plans, Uncategorized, weather

Nothing ever goes according to plan.

I did spend a brief spell in town the day of my previous post… had a coupon for a free coffee and another for a discount on a book I wanted to get for one of the children’s birthdays. Just enough time to find the book, get the coffee and pick up the kids at school. So I thought.

Got to school just as the bell was ringing to let the kids out. Walked in and the secretaries practically jumped over the counter at me. “We’ve been trying to contact you!” “He hurt his arm on the playground…” “Might be nothing but you probably want a doctor to look at it.” The kid had actually left a message for me on the house answering machine just as I was heading out the driveway. And I wasn’t yet in cell-phone range.

Well none of those things are what a mother wants to hear. Guilt was the emotion of the day…

I took a look at the kid, bravely holding his arm close to his body, an icepack over the wrist, a friend carrying his fiddle case. I inspected the arm — no bruising, no real swelling, but he was pretty tender. So of course we canceled our other plans. I took time to go home and call the nurse to be sure it was okay to give the kid ibuprofen for the pain before I drove him in for x-ray. The other kid stayed home and took care of dogs.

Sure enough, it was a broken wrist.

Best kind, though, a torus fracture of the distal radius. That’s a sort of “splinter” break that doesn’t detach or get displaced much, on the thicker arm bone that attaches to the wrist near the thumb. He came home with a splint and instructions to take it easy. On adults a splint is usually enough to keep it immobilized. But a week later it was still tender to the touch, so the active, rambunctious child now sports a lovely blue cast. We go back next week for another follow-up.

That same night, the other child was playing in the pep band for the high school basketball team. Long-suffering spouse came home to get dinner and do taxi duty for that one while I was at the doctor’s. They had sandwiches at a restaurant on the way to the game, and had a great time. Though my beloved didn’t play high school sports, several of his siblings did, and he enjoyed going to games in high school.

When we were done with the medicos I took my brave child to one of his favorite restaurants. We really enjoyed our meal. Right up until I bit into the eggroll and realized they had changed their recipe to use beef… though I don’t think I actually swallowed any, within twenty minutes my tongue was swollen. By the time we got home the rest of me was pretty swollen too. Thank goodness for fast-acting antihistamines… Kid and I spent the evening sitting watching a good movie Zathura, being quiet, which is what we needed.

So after all our careful plans, putting off skiing until this last week (which was mid-winter break) he is not going to be able to ski this year at all. We had a quiet week at home instead. Seems like "quiet" is getting to be our middle name! But there will be other activities, other occasions.

And in the middle of the last two weeks we have had minor illnesses and slightly more than minor, a visit from a dear friend, a re-thinking of school schedules and classes, rain-hail-snow-lightning-sun showers (yes, all in the same day, several days!), and a trip to the Seattle Flower and Garden show… all of which will be blogged in increments!