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Wally pics

Posted by on 23 Jun 2017 | Tagged as: critters, Gardens and Life, good things

No need for words, but this is Wally, now settled in and enjoying life with us after four months.
He is now four months away from being two!

Wally’s Door

Posted by on 19 Mar 2017 | Tagged as: critters, Gardens and Life, house building

When we last had critters that were not kept in small glass habitats, I was pretty much either a stay-at-home mom, a student, or a substitute teacher with limited days away from home. I knew, when we were rebuilding, that I would eventually want a critter and secretly plotted to have a home that would be a good place for a dog even if both Tom and I were away from home for significant periods.

Last week, the fence went in. Today, Tom and Grant put in Wally’s door. We (I, actually) chose an “Enduraflap” door from According to Tom, the door was moderately difficult to install, but with Grant’s experience in construction, and Tom’s experience with reading all sorts of schematics, they were done (start to finish) in about three hours. Thanks to our neighbor who helped with cutting the sheet metal (he has a plasma torch) for the “tunnel” that goes through the wall. As soon as we have the bottom of the fence secured by cement blocks and some sort of substrate that is not MUD, Wally will have free reign of the house when Tom and I are gone. The door looks AMAZING both inside and out. This was the last major part of the house that needed doing (other than painting which may happen this summer…). I feel MUCH better about being home now.

Pictures some day when it’s sunny again, and everything is done. I am so happy that Wally will soon have a more dog-friendly environment. We ALL need this!

Yes. A Wally!

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(This was supposed to post automatically on March 4, but it was accidentally set for the wrong month…)

So: Wally found us a month ago. He is now a full-fledged member of our family. He has some normal routines he looks forward to (breakfast and dinner). We, meanwhile, are looking forward to the installation of a fenced area and dog door so we can sleep just a little longer on weekends…

As far as I know, all of our pets have been rescues (except the budgies, and my hamsters and miscellaneous fish). When an animal is purchased from a pet store or breeder — even a reputable breeder — it reinforces the idea that animals are commodities. I am not a complete vegan/pacifist, but I do know this: animals are aware and intelligent and deserve better than we usually provide. There are so many amazing, wonderful companion animals right now waiting for homes. I am glad that we could provide a safe haven for at least one more wonderful (if still-to-be-civilized) canine.

I know that kind and thoughtful people often breed the most amazing animals. I have been fortunate to be able to interact with animals who were healthy and in wonderful homes as a result of breeders who are honorable. And there are times when a “purebred” may be the best choice, when certain personality traits are required, or specific strength and abilities.

But I am still of the opinion that for most of us, seeking primarily companionship, rescues are the better choice. We offer life, love, and belonging to a creature who needs it, and who returns the favor ten-fold.

Wally, for all his flaws (and he has many), seemed to know instantly that he belonged with us. Even though he shot out the door twice since he arrived, he came back within half an hour both times. Home for him, is with us.

And, I think our home is happier (if messier) with him here.


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NaPoWriMo 2015.28

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Frogs in the evening
sing of cool rains
and sunny skies.

Memories of tomorrow’s promises.

The tadpoles are getting bigger, and respond now when a shadow passes overhead. Naturally more aware, or have they now experienced loss? Do they know fear?

Do they know joy, as they rest on the slowly skeletonizing chestnut leaves?

Do they anticipate the changes, understand the twitching, itching — there, just under the skin — do they know that legs and toes are on the way?

Do they know?

Do they need to know?

Today in the Garden

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A bee box up on a post in the garden.

Mason Bee box up on gatepost for garden

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Garden Update: Winds of time

Posted by on 29 Apr 2013 | Tagged as: books, cooking, copyrights, critters, food, friends, holidays, Local Artists' Websites, social justice, Uncategorized

Here are a few pictures from around the yard over the last couple of weeks, starting with the 18 or so raspberry plants a friend let us take from her garden!

2013-04-28 13.40.47
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Past Eleven and STILL Up

Posted by on 18 Feb 2013 | Tagged as: children, critters, garden, Gardens and Life, good things, parenting, seasons, teaching, Uncategorized

Some nights I find it harder to get to sleep than others.

Tonight, apparently is one of them.
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Grant’s two birds, and his girlfriend’s two birds. Recipe for…. Disaster?


A turtle pic (or two)

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