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NaPoWriMo 2015.28

Posted by on 28 Apr 2015 | Tagged as: critters, Gardens and Life, NaPoWriMo, poetry, Poetry Month, Uncategorized

Frogs in the evening
sing of cool rains
and sunny skies.

Memories of tomorrow’s promises.

The tadpoles are getting bigger, and respond now when a shadow passes overhead. Naturally more aware, or have they now experienced loss? Do they know fear?

Do they know joy, as they rest on the slowly skeletonizing chestnut leaves?

Do they anticipate the changes, understand the twitching, itching — there, just under the skin — do they know that legs and toes are on the way?

Do they know?

Do they need to know?

Today in the Garden

Posted by on 09 Apr 2015 | Tagged as: critters, garden, Gardens and Life, good things, Uncategorized

A bee box up on a post in the garden.

Mason Bee box up on gatepost for garden

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Garden Update: Winds of time

Posted by on 29 Apr 2013 | Tagged as: books, cooking, copyrights, critters, food, friends, holidays, Local Artists' Websites, social justice, Uncategorized

Here are a few pictures from around the yard over the last couple of weeks, starting with the 18 or so raspberry plants a friend let us take from her garden!

2013-04-28 13.40.47
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Past Eleven and STILL Up

Posted by on 18 Feb 2013 | Tagged as: children, critters, garden, Gardens and Life, good things, parenting, seasons, teaching, Uncategorized

Some nights I find it harder to get to sleep than others.

Tonight, apparently is one of them.
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Grant’s two birds, and his girlfriend’s two birds. Recipe for…. Disaster?


A turtle pic (or two)

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Today in the Garden

Posted by on 24 May 2012 | Tagged as: critters, garden, good things, Uncategorized

The bees are out in force. Here is a link to a short video of bees on the medlar (about 38 seconds long). The bees are LOADED with pollen on their back legs. The sound when standing near the medlar is mesmerizing.

At the very end, you can see a tiny jumping spider that hitched a ride, a lovely little black and white lady.

The bees have also been active in the lupines, the strawberries and the thimbleberries.

I didn’t take a picture of the lupines, the strawberries, the plum or the clematis (which I partially unwound and retrained to start going up the trellis) today. If I am home tomorrow and it isn’t raining, I will take pictures then. There are a lot of plums already nearly an inch long, and the lupines (which really should have been moved or removed last year) are always fascinating because of the naturally-occurring variations in the blooms.


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Yesterday Grant helped me take a video of the neighborhood bald eagles. They have been “patrolling” the local seagull colony, waiting for unguarded nests. You can hear the eagles’ tiny warbling cries, and occasionally the seagulls calling out, as well as my own young one’s running commentary. Enjoy!

Well, my upload attempt failed. Will try again soon… Here it is!!

Our Neighbor Eagles

Pics and Purpose

Posted by on 25 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: critters, Gardens and Life, good things, Uncategorized

Sometimes, I post pictures to let people see my life. Sometimes they are to help remind myself of an event, a time, a person.

Three pics today, two of my folks’ dog, one of the lovely crocuses outside their front door.

Waiting for treats

Murphy waits for "what's next"

side view...  note the lovely ripples in his coat

Murphy, standing by the front door

Spring Crocuses under a shrub

Not sure if these are more for other folks, or for me. I had a lovely, quiet day, playing with Murphy, walking around the yard, enjoying the nice weather.

Professional Development?

Posted by on 24 Mar 2012 | Tagged as: critters, education, Education Professional, fun, Gardens and Life, Uncategorized

This morning, as I do most Saturdays, I attended an online seminar from Classroom 2.0 Live!

This morning, unlike many, I was away from home and partially distracted by my parents’ wonderful dog. Here he is, attending to the web seminar when I stepped away for a moment.

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