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Added Accountability

Posted by on 27 Jun 2016 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, housework, Uncategorized

I have been working through this face reaction (I don’t think I have ever felt so un-lovely!) for four days now. Every morning is a bit better, and no additional symptoms, so I am going to work today on organizing some of my office (if Grant, who stayed home ill feels better in the afternoon he can help secure the last important piece for my standing desk. I am also determined to sort some boxes I brought home from school.

And, sometimes it helps me stay on track when I am able to note progress on my blog. No deadlines… it’s summer vacation — and I am still not 100%. But, sort through boxes, upholster the seat cushion for the stool that belongs in my office (the original cushion needs replacing from the fire). And do a little more lesson planning and organization of online files. I reproducing my files from this machine in my school googleapps account so that I have some flexibility when working — work directly in google for some things, but also still using Word and Excel because the functionality in googleapps isn’t quite where I need it to be.

Organizing…. it will help me make it through this next school year!


Posted by on 25 Dec 2014 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, house building, housework, Uncategorized

Tom and Grant got the shelf OFF my desk and ONTO the wall this evening!

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What do you do when…

Posted by on 01 Jul 2014 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, housework, Uncategorized, weather

…the temperature outside is already close to 75 F, the house is as cool as it is going to be and starting to inch up (70 being the low inside today), and you have NO blinds/drapes/shutters for the windows that get the most sun?


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Yesterday it rained

Posted by on 04 May 2014 | Tagged as: house building, housework, rain, Uncategorized, weather

And rained. And rained. According to the weather team at KOMO in Seattle, we have already had more rain this year than fell in all of 1952 (the driest year on record). A short article was posted to their blog this morning.

Yesterday we worked on the house. Grant and Tom (and Mady) got the wardrobe boxes finished. Mady and I (and Tom) made progress on the tile in the shower. Tabitha visited with her baby bird (I got to hold it!).

It rained, drizzling gently at first, then more and more insistently until in the evening when we were driving home from town – with still more mortar for the shower – traffic on the highway slowed to 45. I was surprised we didn’t have lightning, it was so stormy!

Today we will get enough tile up in the shower that we can put the rest of the bathroom fixtures. Well, our amazing plumber will put in the rest of the fixtures this week. I will finish the remainder of the tiling next weekend… Mady will help again and I will ask her to help with replanting a few pots and boxes. I need some pretty plants again — most of them died in the extreme cold of last winter.

And in between, it will be raining.

I have a full week of teaching, including some extra hours in the mornings for three days (the money will come in handy!). Then a full week the week after, then I am taking my first-ever personal day for a four-day week, and a four-day week after that for the Memorial Day weekend.

Right now, I have 40 calendar days until the end of the school year. Hopefully, fewer than that before we are approved to move in to our home.

It’s time.

Food and Gardens

Posted by on 03 Oct 2012 | Tagged as: climate, cooking, environment, food, fun, garden, Gardens and Life, good things, Green Living, housework, seasons, Uncategorized, weather

After years of stagnation in house and yard, we made progress in the garden, and the flower beds are much neater and prolific. And now, we are making progress in the house, as evidenced by the (recycled/reclaimed) green carpet in the living room that should help us keep a little warmer this winter. The piano and other furniture, having been moved for the carpet laying are now dust-free, and decluttered. Continue Reading »

Garden update

Posted by on 08 Sep 2012 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, good things, housework, Uncategorized

Okay, here are a few pics from this past week:

The house with the fig tree looking big and the garden under the medlar looking “kempt.”

the brown turkey fig taller than the house, and the garden looking mature

The hollyhock the deer almost annihilated, no leaves, only one flower bud remained… and it BLOOMED!

the hollyhock is about 2 feet tall, the bloom about 4 inches across; lucky in the background

The garden, showing the gate (still need to finish the right side) and the cosmos blooming in the center.

garden entry corner, with a blue wheelbarrow in front and the remainder of the roll of fencing waiting to be removed

And here was today’s project: The front door. Partly done, can you tell the inspiration?

blue door, two white "windows" at the top needs finishing still

A Saturday in August

Posted by on 11 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, housework, seasons, Uncategorized, weather

Today began like a normal late-summer morning: foggy.

August morning mist
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House and Garden: Real Life

Posted by on 02 Aug 2012 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, good things, housework, Uncategorized

I have in the past had subscriptions to periodicals such as “Better Homes and Gardens” and “Sunset” (Western Edition, of course), as well as “Horticulture” and “Organic Gardening” among others. Sometimes, reading magazines is like the equivalent of a fashion- or fitness-conscious person reading fashion and exercise magazines (which I have also been and done in the far-distant past). It makes me feel INADEQUATE.
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Today in the Garden

Posted by on 31 Jul 2012 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, housework, Uncategorized

There are little treasures everywhere in the garden now.

One of the dahlias by the driveway, the arrow pointing left in the last post, is finally blooming.

Pink dahlia, Lupin Shiela

The image links to the Dan’s Dahlias page with a full description. This is one of the few surviving plants from the Seattle Flower and Garden Show. I had nine new plants this year, only 5 survived.
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Monday Musings: Cluttered Lives

Posted by on 16 Jul 2012 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, good things, Green Living, housework, Uncategorized

I have been trying for months (years, actually) to get rid of some of the extra things that have accumulated over the years. Today TEN boxes left the house. Most were “book size” boxes, the fairly small ones from U-Haul. One box held the old blender, another had a wok, there were clothes, a few books, some toys…

Boxes waiting for pickup

The office still has too much in it, but as you can see from the two pictures below, some of it is empty boxes (some is packing material). Before the boxes in the above picture went out… there was NO clear path to the tall bookshelf! Now I can get all the way there again.

With ten boxes already removed...

Many empty boxes removed, still 2/3 to sort through!

It’s a start. But… where did it all come from?

Some of the boxes hold old computer parts (Tom), some of them hold old kid memories (boys, and me), some of them hold materials from grad school, student teaching and left-overs from sewing/knitting/crochet projects (definitely me). It has taken four years to fill the office… AND a storage locker that is twice as big as the office (which is, admittedly, a small room). The tendency I have to hold on to “things” I believe comes from a history of moving. Never knowing what will be there at the next place, you hang on to things. Having had to leave things behind many times it’s hard to leave them now. Who knows when you might need this? Or that?

And yet, when I have too much stuff, I can’t remember what I already have, where I might have put it (if I still have it), or how much is left. When I have too many projects (unfinished) it’s difficult to focus or concentrate.

Getting rid of some things frees me up to focus on what’s left.

At the same time, I come from a family that has roots — just not around here. The only connection I have to my heritage (especially now that my grandparents’ generation is passing on) is through the artifacts I retain. A copy of my mother’s Master’s thesis. A doll given to my grandmother by her uncle, dolls given to my aunt by her grandparents. A piano. An encyclopedia from a dear, departed family friend. A set of Heinlein books given to me during high school. My children’s first baby blanket, dolls, favorite childhood books from several generations.

“Clutter” to someone else is not always clutter. But, as I let go of the things that really don’t matter, the things that do can shine.

Today, once I had a clear path to the bookcase, I put several binders of teaching materials on the top shelf. This is progress!

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