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People doing the Right Thing!

Posted by on 05 Jan 2007 | Tagged as: caring, James Kim, Uncategorized

Okay, this is a chance to point out good things people do:

A man in New York saved another who had fallen onto the subway tracks.

Two men in New York saved a pre-schooler who fell off a fourth-story fire escape. article at cnn.com

An artist sets up an online auction for the family of James Kim and is joined by others eager to help. article at komotv.com

A teenager spontaneously folds the laundry while his mother takes a nap.

Someone buys a bit of birdseed for the middle of winter instead of a week’s worth of lattes…

People with no children in school volunteer to help young readers, or supervise sports practice, or put in a playground.

There are good people in this world, doing good things. In big ways and in small, we can all make a positive difference.

James Kim

Posted by on 08 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: James Kim, Uncategorized

Still feeling sad about James Kim’s death; turns out there was supposed to be a gate across the road they got stuck on. The gate was open…

So sad.

A short, lovely memorial is available at the cnet website, and there is information on how to donate to the family.

He was an amazing man, and I hope that we will all learn from him how to live — and love — bravely.

James Kim

Posted by on 06 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: James Kim, passages, Uncategorized

Today the body of a cnet.com editor that we really appreciated was found. He leaves a wife and two young children, family, friends and probably thousands of faithful readers and viewers.

So sad when something like this happens. His family was found alive and, though hungry and dehydrated, healthy just a couple days ago.

But he had decided to try to walk out to find help… and didn’t make it.

Remember, the cardinal rule when you are traveling or hiking somewhere: Always let people know your intended route and when you expect to be back.

And when you get lost: Stop. Stay where you are. Help is on the way.

Though they will never read this, I hope his family will be comforted by the love he had for them, and I hope that the way he lived his life will inspire others to be open-hearted, hard working and honest.