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NaPoWriMo Third Post

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[la primavera]

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Today in the Garden (Reviving a Series)

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I used to try to post a little something from our yard once a week, and whenever new things “popped up.” But after the loss of our home it was too hard to keep ahead of much.

I think we have turned a corner this year. At least, I have, and so here for your viewing pleasure are a few pics of today’s landscape. Tom took these, enjoy!

In random order, can you find the yellow japanese kerria that is “climbing” the chestnut? The bright coral quince that belonged to Tom’s grandmother in the hills of Kentucky? Cascara flowers? The plum with an orchard mason bee already enjoying the dryer weather? The scylla, several clumps of daffodils, heather, primroses, and trillium? Wally’s fenced area should be pretty easy to identify! The author might be in there too, looking tired but relaxed.

Summer finally begins for me

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I was still recovering from the allergic reaction into the middle of the first week of July. Not fun. But had energy to have a nice dinner for my parents on Sunday the third, which of course wiped me out for the next couple of days.

Then, on July 7 I had a chance to meet up with a friend from New Zealand — it was a very spontaneous visit, so we didn’t have as much time as I would have liked. But … so glad we were able to finally gives in-person hugs instead of virtual!

On July 8 we had a silk painting session at my house. LOVED it. My friends are such amazing artists. Planning another session next month.

But I pushed myself a little too hard… the following weekend was unproductive, and it wasn’t until Wednesday that I started to have some energy again. Managed to get cars swapped around so one of them could have service done. Then I figured out some ideas for school and dug in on Thursday and Friday with some thinking and planning. Not a lot of organizing going on in the physical world, but a good bit happening with setting up ideas and lessons. AND I pruned a few trees and shrubs…

And I still have a reasonable five weeks of vacation to look forward to. I am glad. I will need every minute to be ready for the upcoming school year.

Random Musings on my Day

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is hard work.
It is better than the alternative?
The answer is: Yes, when you are there.

That curious moment in the day when the gray skies pick up the bright green of new life and suffuse creation with an immortal glow.

Success! The fledgling
finds his wings
and starts to fly.

What is better than a happy third grader?
TWENTY happy third graders!
It was a very good day for learning.

Today in the Garden

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Today we were in the garden. Until about 1:30 in the afternoon, we worked slowly and steadily.

And it is starting to show!

One of the planters by the front door is now blooming nicely.

Not sure what types of rock flowers (succulents of some sort) these are, but I love the daisy-like blooms.

Not sure what types of rock flowers (succulents of some sort) these are, but I love the daisy-like blooms.

Tom and Grant built a lovely bench for me out of the reclaimed cement blocks that used to prop up our old house. There are more of these blocks — look for future installations!

The bench, partially completed, showing how they stacked the

The bench, partially completed, showing how they stacked the

I pruned back the St. John’s Wort a little bit, after Tom spent some time yesterday clearing the weeds from around it so I could see what needed shaping. I got a little too close in a couple places and it touched my face and skin, so I will be uncomfortable. At least I know what causes the rash, and so I am not as worried as the first time I reacted to it. Still, it looks a lot nicer than before and since we are actually living here again it will be easier to keep it shaped and manageable.

I started to pull some of the weeds from between the pavers in the front patio. It’s a constant, thankless job, but necessary. I cleared about 30 assorted aster-relatives, dock, and forget-me-nots. And noticed got distracted by the lovely pattern the table makes on the pavers when the sun shines…

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NaPoWriMo 2015.21

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Last gasp of joy
the sunlight glinting low off treetops
while the black clouds roll in
over the hills.

Purple lilacs and white viburnum, will you wait?

The temperature drops
and the winds pick up
driving branches, leaves and pedestrians
along the road.

Gentle apple and billowing cherry, will you wait?

Birds call out
to one another, searching and claiming,
gathering one more round
to feed the chicks tonight.

Tender tulips and stalwart weeds, will you wait?

There is a storm coming in. It made the students this afternoon quite agitated, but we are still waiting for it to actually “hit” our area. I love the light that comes in from the west on an incoming stormy evening. It gives a greenish, but still warm, highlight to all the plants, and turns the usually grayish silver of the undersides of leaves into a rose-gold.

NaPoWriMo 2015.9

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NaPoWriMo 2015.6

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summer afternoon
new birdsong carried on
wind brings scent of cedar-green
the pollen adds a glow
with every puff

Letter to my home on the importance of children

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[Draft One, 12 March 2015]

Did you know that before you were here, another structure inhabited the land?

In the first Act of this land’s existence, there was a deep, varied garden, filled with nut trees and timber trees, with berries, with vines and flowers, and with creatures that depended on them all.

Then silence while the land that had been cleared regrew; Life being such that fire and harvesting do not dissuade the green mantle.

The Second Act began as a new millenium approached. For nearly 15 years, a home lived here.

A smaller structure, true, but one filled with hope and happiness. And, yes, its share of sorrow and worry.

But one filled with life, with the details and baggage of living. The cluttered countertops (no surface was safe!). The muddy steps, both in front and behind.

An entrance door with dents, scuffs and scratches from feet, boots, paws and who-knows-what attempting to get in. Or out.

The front looked out over a rapidly establishing garden with fruit trees and roses, bulbs of various lineages, lilacs and lavenders. The rear entrances referenced but did not invite the back yard, wilder and less-tamed than the front garden (but no less beautiful and in my mind more radiant).

I walked the gardens daily, front and back, when I could. When I couldn’t I watched from the windows as birds and beasts visited and moved on.

I relished the sounds of my children playing, talking and even arguing. Young life, finding its way into the maturity of young adulthood. Some times more gracefully than others.

Life ebbed and flowed in the other house, fortunes waxed and waned, time passed.

And one day, it was gone. For reasons still too painful to reflect on for long, and so I will pass over it except to mention that it was hard. So hard…

We had to leave the garden and the back yard. There was no shelter in between, nor even shelter at a distance, for a while.

But life must needs proceed, and so we planned and worked and toiled and waited until one day we could move back to the land.

Back to the land and into a new structure. A larger, more substantial dwelling, in keeping with our larger, more substantial, mature incomes. A home with a front entrance like a warm embrace, and back doors that beckon to those inside to explore the wonders of the wild unknown.

And yet, with one child grown and gone and the other on the verge of escaping the bonds of childhood, the house that finally has enough storage, fewer drafts, better plumbing…

You are emptier and harder to fill than we expected.

And here is the secret that I will share, the hope and the dream that I have for you.

Where once I wrote to my sons about staying grounded — being at one with the home-as-place; now I write to you, my home-that-is-becoming.

For it is not the structure that matters, nor even the particular shape and content of the landscape that surrounds the structure. What matters is that love lives there.

The dream is that one day, some day (not yet, for I am too young in my maturity), eventually, this house will shelter not only two people who love, but those they love. The children of the next generation. The hopes and dreams of their own parents. A dwelling, however rich and grand, does not become a home until that hope of hospitality permeates every nook and cranny, and, messily and happily, invites the clutter and chaos of friendship and family.

This space between the walls and under the roof, this is a holding zone. A moment in a larger world that waits to welcome life. The things inside are props for the play that is ongoing. Act III is about to begin.

And the trillium are in bud once again…

brilliant white bud about to open 12 March 2015

brilliant white bud about to open 12 March 2015

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Today in the Garden

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It has been unseasonably warm, though the rain yesterday began to make up for the unseasonably dry issue. Today when I awoke, and for several hours, there was blue sky overhead. It was nearly 52 degrees outside before noon. I opened the back door wide to let in the fresh air, and heard the eagles calling to each other. The bulbs that still need planting and moving were calling to me, too.

Two hours of work outside, and the hyacinths and irises that took refuge for almost two years in the veggie garden are ready to be replanted next weekend in the back yard. One more bed, with unknown quantities and types of bulbs, that has the mountain huckleberry and “Lois’ Rose” (gift from her widower after she died) has yet to be cleared, but we are now ready to plant veggies as soon as the soil dries a bit and I have a good soil test back.
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