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A New Story Idea

Posted by on 17 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Babble, friends, fun, pirates, stidmama, storytime, Uncategorized, writing

When Dr. Nut asked me to write a pirate story, I said “sure thing” without giving it a thought. After several days of trying to get my ideas to gel, I was about to give up. But Nut is tenacious… so I finally finished it and she put it on Babblecast for your listening enjoyment. It’s about 20 minutes’ worth of pure silliness.

I have also put it on this site, under the Stories section. You can read The Valiant Valkyrie in its entirety — and future sequels — here!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

Another Cool Author

Posted by on 11 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: books and authors, children, fun, good things, musings, parenting, storytime, Uncategorized

Well, I admit I still need to read the books, but Stidkid#2 has a new favorite author, it seems.

Lately, he has been reading aloud the Artemis Fowl books, by Eoin Colfer to me while I drive him places or do housework. This is a great series! And one I recommend.  I think I still need to do a decent review on those…

Tonight, he and I attended a local Q&A and booksigning by Patrick Carman, a really fun speaker and “good egg.”  His series of books centered on The Land of Elyon looks like it will be another great find.  Though apparently for slightly younger children than Stidkid#2, it is the genre we enjoy:  kids having great adventures, with a bit of magic and mystery thrown in.  We had already put the series on our list of things to get…  His new series, Atherton is a science fiction story, aimed at an older audience, and will be our next purchase.  And, like many good stories we have all enjoyed (The Hobbit, Winnie the Pooh, Little House on the Prairie), his tales began as bedtime stories, building on the dreams and experiences of his own youth.

What would our lives be like, if we all spent our days dreaming of great adventures, and doing things that make the world more beautiful, more livable, more peaceful?

It was the first time I had done something like this in a long time, and it was good.  Really nice was seeing all the children (from about six years up to the teens) excited waiting in line, not for a sports star’s signature, but for a few words with a real-life author.

Standing in line to get books signed, I fell into conversation with a somewhat tired woman who had an elementary-aged boy and a pre-school girl with her.   But, we moms will do anything for our kids!  So there she was after a long day at work, spending her evening at a book signing, because Mr. Carman had visited her son’s school and sparked his interest.  Not one to deny our children the joy of discovery, we stood at the back of the line for over an hour, to give our kids the chance to meet this man and get his autograph.  And so we talked about parenting, about the worries our kids give us (broken limbs and all), what it’s like to try to provide for your family, what learning is all about.  The usual “moms in line” type of conversation.  And that was very nice, too.

Yoli, if you found your way here from my other website, hello!

Eventful Weekend

Posted by on 03 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: children, Family Matters, friends, fun, good things, pirates, stidmama, storytime, Uncategorized

Well! What a lot can happen in a few days on a long weekend! The in-laws came around for a visit, and unlike their often whirlwind in-and-out, they stayed overnight nearby! YIPPEE! I like to spend time with them, but living on the other side of the mountains, and with them going away most vacations we have… well we don’t see them very often. Arriving Friday afternoon, we had supper out, then they, Tom and the elder kid went to said kid’s first high school football game…. he plays in the band. I went home with the other kid and we just “hung out” for the evening.

Here are the two boys, joking around with the little plastic football their father caught at the game (I wonder what happened to my old football? probably enjoyed by a dog sometime in the last 27 years…). You can see on the TV what we were doing when the fellows came in!

kid holding plastic football

Next Day, we tootled on into town to the Farmer’s Market, acquiring a few pics. Here is the paternal side of the stidfamily….

Stidkid#1 and #1 Grandpa:

kid and grandpa discussing camera

The boys with their grandfather:

kids and grandpa

Me, with the kids and inlaws — my mother in law is in profile, but the one that showed her well didn’t show the kids as well…

stidfamily missing stidhat

A pic of the “stidstuds”… look at the “wings” on the youngest!

four stid guys

And then the grandstids were off, and the rest of us wandered over toward the water. I had seen a few pirates in the market while we were there… And sure enough — not only pirates, but some of the Tall Ships were in port for Harbor Days! Of course, I had completely forgotten that it was this weeked, but it explained the difficulty we had finding parking!

We sat and listened to one pirate singing chanties while we drank some mango juice, then the fellas wandered up to the top of the observation tower while I waited, enjoying the music and the people.

Here is our town, looking south at the Capitol building from the edge of the actual port:

the state capitol building

Here are the fellas, enjoying the view:

the boys on the observation tower

And here I am… the lovely bouquet was $8 from Dan’s Dahlias. The man who runs it got his start selling dahlias as a child younger than my boys are now, to build his college fund. He now (after graduating many years ago) sells both the flowers and the tubers (those are available through his website) and is full of great information and advice for the hobby gardener like me.

me, from the observation platform

We ran into several people while we were downtown on Saturday… including stidkid#1’s first trumpet teacher! This young man was in high school when our budding trumpeter seemed to be ready for lessons (at age 8). Though he hadn’t taught anyone before, he was the perfect first teacher… and I think they had fun. Now, he is all grown up (just like Dan of the Dahlias), and finishing work on his second Master’s degree!

Here he is, with the boys on Sunday.

trumpeter, trumpeter, trombonist

And finally, though hardly very important…

I have a new project going, reading the Babble Story aloud for the website. I have the introduction (called “cover”) and a couple chapters done as of yesterday, will try to get more today as I am relatively immobile and trying to rest up for the busy four days this week. I will put a review of the two software/freeware things I found to help me at LiveJournal.

Tomorrow, I start my year-long project, helping my mother in her classroom. It will also be an experiment of sorts, to see if the kids leave the house standing if they are allowed to have an entire morning unsupervised…