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NaPoWriMo Twenty-sixth Post

Posted by on 26 Apr 2017 | Tagged as: NaPoWriMo, poetry, Poetry Month, rain, weather

last month
last week
yesterday and
last night.

Rain as I drove onto the road.
Rain as I passed the town
and turned onto the lane
and into the driveway
to work.

Rain in the afternoon,
under, behind, and after
the rainbow
as I scurried from the shelter of the overhang
to my car and
gratefully drove home.

In the rain.

More NaPoWriMo

And did I mention the rain?

Posted by on 31 Oct 2016 | Tagged as: climate, Uncategorized, weather

This year, I haven’t written much about the weather, but this past month has been — shall we say on the wetter side?

One of the local papers says we have had over 11 inches of rain compared to our normal 4.6. The paper will let you view a few articles before you have to subscribe.

A little more than a week ago, Cliff Mass, climate scientist at the University of Washington predicted that Seattle would set a new record for the month. He followed up with confirmation of several records set in the state already.

It’s wet. Not “sailing down the freeway” wet, but long, drenching, chills-the-core wet.

I hope November (which is traditionally wetter than October) doesn’t set its own records!

And, just to note: it used to be that we had steady, but pretty much “light” rainfall from October through March (with a few isolated days here and there, and a single two-week early summer in February or early March)… now it rains at odd times, and more than was “normal.” Plants that used to thrive are dying, and plants that used to struggle a bit are doing well. Animals are not getting what they need, either. I like the wet weather, and the replenishment of the snowpack, but I am not appreciating the extremes.

What we’ve been up to…

Posted by on 05 Jul 2015 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, good things, house building, Uncategorized, weather

Mostly going through boxes from the fire (two years ago), and boxes from the storage locker (almost a year). Watering — a LOT because of the intensely high, unseasonal heat (90s in the shade — the kind of weather that would be normal for about four days in August). Gardening — Tom has been getting the rest of the veggie garden dug out. Working in the classroom to sort and toss as needed (cannot finish organizing until the floors are done being shampooed).

And putting up a few more items that have been waiting for the right hardware, moment and place.

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NaPoWriMo 2015.21

Posted by on 21 Apr 2015 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, NaPoWriMo, poetry, Poetry Month, seasons, Uncategorized, weather

Last gasp of joy
the sunlight glinting low off treetops
while the black clouds roll in
over the hills.

Purple lilacs and white viburnum, will you wait?

The temperature drops
and the winds pick up
driving branches, leaves and pedestrians
along the road.

Gentle apple and billowing cherry, will you wait?

Birds call out
to one another, searching and claiming,
gathering one more round
to feed the chicks tonight.

Tender tulips and stalwart weeds, will you wait?

There is a storm coming in. It made the students this afternoon quite agitated, but we are still waiting for it to actually “hit” our area. I love the light that comes in from the west on an incoming stormy evening. It gives a greenish, but still warm, highlight to all the plants, and turns the usually grayish silver of the undersides of leaves into a rose-gold.

NaPoWriMo 2015.9

Posted by on 11 Apr 2015 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, NaPoWriMo, poetry, Poetry Month, seasons, Uncategorized, weather







Today in the Garden

Posted by on 08 Feb 2015 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, good things, seasons, Uncategorized, weather

It has been unseasonably warm, though the rain yesterday began to make up for the unseasonably dry issue. Today when I awoke, and for several hours, there was blue sky overhead. It was nearly 52 degrees outside before noon. I opened the back door wide to let in the fresh air, and heard the eagles calling to each other. The bulbs that still need planting and moving were calling to me, too.

Two hours of work outside, and the hyacinths and irises that took refuge for almost two years in the veggie garden are ready to be replanted next weekend in the back yard. One more bed, with unknown quantities and types of bulbs, that has the mountain huckleberry and “Lois’ Rose” (gift from her widower after she died) has yet to be cleared, but we are now ready to plant veggies as soon as the soil dries a bit and I have a good soil test back.
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What do you do when…

Posted by on 01 Jul 2014 | Tagged as: Gardens and Life, housework, Uncategorized, weather

…the temperature outside is already close to 75 F, the house is as cool as it is going to be and starting to inch up (70 being the low inside today), and you have NO blinds/drapes/shutters for the windows that get the most sun?


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Yesterday it rained

Posted by on 04 May 2014 | Tagged as: house building, housework, rain, Uncategorized, weather

And rained. And rained. According to the weather team at KOMO in Seattle, we have already had more rain this year than fell in all of 1952 (the driest year on record). A short article was posted to their blog this morning.

Yesterday we worked on the house. Grant and Tom (and Mady) got the wardrobe boxes finished. Mady and I (and Tom) made progress on the tile in the shower. Tabitha visited with her baby bird (I got to hold it!).

It rained, drizzling gently at first, then more and more insistently until in the evening when we were driving home from town – with still more mortar for the shower – traffic on the highway slowed to 45. I was surprised we didn’t have lightning, it was so stormy!

Today we will get enough tile up in the shower that we can put the rest of the bathroom fixtures. Well, our amazing plumber will put in the rest of the fixtures this week. I will finish the remainder of the tiling next weekend… Mady will help again and I will ask her to help with replanting a few pots and boxes. I need some pretty plants again — most of them died in the extreme cold of last winter.

And in between, it will be raining.

I have a full week of teaching, including some extra hours in the mornings for three days (the money will come in handy!). Then a full week the week after, then I am taking my first-ever personal day for a four-day week, and a four-day week after that for the Memorial Day weekend.

Right now, I have 40 calendar days until the end of the school year. Hopefully, fewer than that before we are approved to move in to our home.

It’s time.

Just leaving to do yardwork…

Posted by on 27 Apr 2014 | Tagged as: garden, Gardens and Life, house building, rain, Uncategorized, weather

and it started pouring down HAIL.

Big, loud, dropping like marbles from angry thunderclouds. The parking lot at the apartment in town is white with hard pellets and deep in water.

For the record, I think we have had rain for at least part of every day since the first week of April. The news channels are reporting that we have had record rainfall this last couple months — and if we had had normal rainfall over the winter (it was extraordinarily dry) it would be a very very wet season. Meantime, we are still setting records for rainfall right now, even as we anticipate a very much longer dry season than normal.

I think today’s outdoor work will wait until tomorrow afternoon.

Meantime… Packing, shopping (online), and working on professional obligations (school-based evaluations for my performance, and contacting people who have been references for me in the past to see if they will “re-up.”).

Tomorrow I can get into the house. I will start working on tiling. If I am careful, I can get things set up for doing the floor of the shower on Tuesday. And the walls on Wednesday and Thursday. I will let the plumber know he can come and finish up on Friday… I will just have to bite the bullet and get it done.

Hope the hail hasn’t damaged the fruit trees at home!

Rainbows and pots of gold

Posted by on 17 Mar 2013 | Tagged as: climate, environment, garden, Gardens and Life, good things, hope, rain, seasons, Uncategorized, weather

We get rain here. A lot. And frequently. It is rarely torrential, thankfully, but it leaves us feeling soggy a good bit. Because our rain exists as a “state of being” for months at a time, rainbows are fairly uncommon most times of the year. When they do show up, they can be hard to see behind the trees and the hills.

Gold, on the other hand, is abundant this time of year. We have red-gold catkins on the alders, lingering tawny gold grasses from last year’s autumn, a greenish-gold hint of color on the ends of the maples and willows, and wherever humans have settled, mounds of yellow-gold that cascades across lawns and hills.

It’s daffodil season!

A quick run through the garden on Friday yielded an abundance of colorful – and golden – opportunities to see the season changing in the moment.
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