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Lest we forget

Posted by on 30 Jul 2017 | Tagged as: citizenship, editorial, Making a Difference, politics, Politics and War, social justice, The Fallacies of 911, website review

Many of the people in the photographs in this collection died as the direct result of Nazi oppression (restricting movement, access to employment, access to healthcare, etc — based on “race”). Others would have died a natural death by now anyway even without a war. Some people may still live who experienced these times first-hand.

But this HAS happened.

It DOES happen around the world.

It is BEGINNING to happen here in the United States.

When we allow ANY group of people to be discriminated against in little ways, we are deliberately turning out backs on people JUST LIKE US. As happened to the Gypsies, Jews, LGBT, atheists, political opponents… when the people who were not targets were afraid to speak up, or (in some cases) genuinely didn’t know what was happening.

These pictures of the Lodz ghetto are important. Consider what is of value to you. Consider whether you want your children to grow up being taught that other children are somehow “less than” and therefore deserving of abuse. Look at the children in these pictures…

Consider whether your grandchildren may someday be the target of such abuse and discrimination.

Consider the legacy we are leaving for the generations to come.

Will we stand by and hope it will work out in the end?

Or stand for what is right?

President-Elect Obama

Posted by on 10 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: citizenship, editorial, politics, Politics and War, Uncategorized, website review

There is now an official website for the president-elect.


Blog, info, and more. It looks like it will be a good resource for people interested in what is planned, and what is happening.

Many people are worried that the incoming administration will be too liberal… that taxes will go up, that jobs will decline, that government will intrude on our lives. I ask them to consider: where else will the money come from, to pay for the wars the current administration started? Our economy is already in a major recession, as a result of the failed oversight and policies of the current administration. How much more intrusive and McCarthy-like could we be than the so-called PATRIOT act?

Our nation has an opportunity to move forward, to dig itself out of the hole it has gradually dug over the last 30 years, to re-establish itself as a nation of hard-working, innovative people. It has NEVER been easy to pull through economic hard times, to extricate ourselves from wars, to mend political rifts and to trust. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

I am ready. Are you?

Yummy Vegan Knitting (reprise)

Posted by on 25 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: books and authors, food, fun, good things, health, Uncategorized, website review

Lolo, the blogger who writes VeganYumYum, was on the Martha Stewart Show today.

I am not really a fan of Martha Stewart, but I do love to read this blog! It’s inspiring and helpful to me as I try to come up with yummy, attractive things to feed my family.  It was great to see and hear one of my favorite cooks!   And no, she wasn’t using yarn and needles — exactly.

If you didn’t get to see the show in time, don’t despair, a clip of Lolo’s TV debut is at her site: here.

Now, in case you didn’t know, our family is not vegan.  Not even vegetarian.  We have a child who didn’t do well on a strictly animal-free diet. And, to be honest, the grandparents were not helpful when the children were little, being only too willing to take them to McD’s and other meat-and-grease-laden purveyors of comestables.  But, since he really does a lot better with meat in his life, we went ahead and made the adjustment for him.
But for me, I really do best on a vegan diet — or if I really want to break my rule, a few eggs or seafood.

Today, I am home feeling yucky.  A combination of things, I am sure, but I am also sure that it is partly my diet lately. Too many things with meat, too much wheat (not a real allergy, more my body prefers other grains) and sugar, too few good veggies.

So, I have refocused, drinking LOTS of water, and eating one banana and a mug of warm marmite broth. I also admit to a candy cane — the peppermint flavor really helped my tummy calm down. Trying to clear out my system a little without too much movement (a nasty multi-day headache that gets worse with motion) or too much prep time.

And while I recuperate, I am spending a little bit of time reading the food blogs I enjoy, considering my next culinary adventure!

Buon Appetito!

Something Borrowed

Posted by on 14 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: blogposts, celebrations, food, fun, health, Uncategorized, website review

The theme today (Valentine’s Day in the United States) is something borrowed…

The book I “borrowed” from a friend who has since passed on?

The idea I “borrowed” (with permission of course) from my friend in fourth grade? She really drew the best people!

The money we “borrowed” from our parents, truly intending to pay back and then didn’t have to?

Lots of Love in this borrowing we do!

I think I will “borrow” my idea for this page from several sources, internet-based, and just make a list of interesting sites that are food/health related. I am inspired by the Weekdayprogram on the local radio station (KUOW) that I am listening to as I write and work around the house this morning. The interviewee is Michael Pollan, who has written a new book called “In Defense of Food” — about the need to return to foods eaten fresh or at least cooked from “scratch.” As much as our budget and my energy/health allow, we eat a good bit of “real food,” though I admit to sometimes not taking it as seriously as I ought.

Left to my own, I would choose a primarily vegan/vegetarian diet because I feel better when I do — but I have a child who doesn’t feel better on only plants for food, and so our family also consumes a lot of poultry and seafood (things I am not allergic to). The very coolest website I have found for vegan recipes is Vegan Yum Yum. Not only does she talk about her successes, but also the things that didn’t work — and why (if she knows). This gives me hope that I can also make some yummy, decadent and tasty meals without resorting to things in packages or eggs (the only thing I really miss on a completely vegan diet).

I also drool when I look at this recipe on the website… Chocolate Raspberry Cake.

Here is someone who, like me, dries their own apple slices. And, like me, has discovered that really thin crispy ones take on a life of their own… Grandpa’s Crunchy Apple Chips.

And one more to tempt you, not vegan, but delicious (and adaptable) for a day like today… Fruittart’s blog has a Chocolate Hazelnut Cake recipe.

Now, I want to point out that there are many really good ideas out there. I really like the “idea” of the slow foods movement, but find it difficult to make my entire life center around meal preparation the way the die-hards seem to. To be honest, there are generally only two or three hours between the time we are all at home and the time the children need to go to bed. I take a middle road in most methods as a result — I strive for integrity in buying good food, whether pre-made or home-grown. But sometimes, it’s important to look at what is reasonable as well as what is healthy.

I encourage you to buy the most natural, most organic, most socially responsible food you can… but don’t sweat the small stuff, either. If you are on a trip, and your kids are hungry … feed them at the closest restaurant and don’t worry that it’s a chain. If you are out of money at the end of the month, and organic lettuce and tomatoes put you over your budget for the week, then buy what you can.

If eating reasonably becomes a huge burden, you won’t want to. So — do what feels right, and stretch a little bit.

Bon Appetit!

A Book Blog

Posted by on 31 May 2007 | Tagged as: blogposts, books, parenting, review, Uncategorized, website review

Upper Fort Stewart is a new blog I found… I think folks who enjoy reading will like it. The post that really caught my attention today was written May 28 by the blog author’s wife about kids’ books and libraries.

It matters, what you put in a child’s head!

Spring Cleaning

Posted by on 28 Mar 2007 | Tagged as: housework, Uncategorized, website review

Well, we are beginning to do spring cleaning. It’s late this year because we were battling viruses so much the last two months.

But we are on our way now! I have de-cobwebbed as many places as I can reach with the dust mop, we have replaced vent filters throughout the house, I am gradually getting windows washed inside and out. And today I was finally able to spend a couple hours in the garden, pruning, weeding and planning.

Here is a really neat site I discovered for divvying up chores among family members. Have only just begun to use it, but so far it’s a good way to help keep track of all the things that need doing.

Chore Buster

The website uses a database to store people and how much their workload is supposed to be (for example a housewife might shoulder more of the tasks than a full-time student or wage-earner), assigns difficulty levels to each task (so no person is saddled with ALL the hard tasks or only easy tasks), and provides a way to space each chore differently since some things must be done daily and others are once-a-year duties. You can print out the schedule, and it is saved and viewable online. It is easy to use (a bit tedious to set up if you have a list like I do), includes a whole bunch of pre-set chores you can use also, and upgrades are being made to increase user options.

I think this website is worth a good look.

A good site for writers

Posted by on 21 Mar 2007 | Tagged as: Uncategorized, website review

I “stumbled” upon (love that cool stumble button in my firefox browser!) a website that has short, clear and useful articles about living a better life. The first article I found was about writing…

George Orwell’s 5 Rules…

But the website itself, called “Pick the Brain” has a lot of other great articles by John Wesley for self improvement. Check it out!