I took this two-quarter, half-time course in the Winter and Spring of 2009. I took it for two reasons: it fulfilled the teaching endorsement requirement for linguistic/grammar studies, and it offered the chance to learn Lushootseed – the Coast Salish Language of Puget Sound. It also had a heavy writing component — one essay a week on the readings that had been assigned, and still more writing in the Spring. For Winter, the final project was a story, retold by the students.

I decided (today — 19 May 2009) That I had done so much work during these two quarters, that I would share ALL of it online as part of my website. So over the next couple weeks I will be adding PDFs and html pages of my posts to the class website. The mix is because not all browsers can reproduce the characters for Lushootseed, and I want to reliably represent that language.

The teachers for this course, Rebecca Chamberlain and Rick McKinnon, were hard for me to get to know at first (which could have been from the class being in the evenings and my non-nightowl status), but as time has gone on, I have grown to really appreciate and enjoy the lectures and most of the assignments. If you have a chance to learn from either of them, jump at it. Rebecca’s enthusiasm for both storytelling and language preservation are infectious. Rick’s calm presentation style and somewhat dry wit belie a passion for the way people think and the intricacies of language acquisition. Both of them are willing and able to “dumb down” material for beginners and didn’t seem to tire of my incessant requests for more background and explanations.

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