The assignment was to write a “personal reflective essay” about place.  5 -9 pages.  No problem, right?  Except that trying to express one’s HEART is so difficult…  Again, I wrote about my home, but from a different perspective than in the Walking assignment.
A bit of background NOT included in the essay (of which two drafts will eventually be found in the sidebar), but which may be interesting to readers:

My father grew up (most of his life) in Azusa, living in a small house he remembers helping his father put together.  That little house still remains, next door to the one his sister now lives in.  In his day, there were orange orchards and horse pastures just a block or two away.  Now, looking down from the freeway that towers over so many neighborhoods, there are no orchards to be seen for dozens of miles in any direction.  Box stores, houses in various stages of decrepitude, and endless pavement.

My mother grew up on the same street her own mother grew up on, just two houses down from her grandmother.  Her aunt lived across the street and a little further up the hill.  A great-aunt lived over the other side of a different hill.  The neighborhood was middle-aged when my mother moved there at age two (from the rented house on the same street the other side of Figueroa Blvd in Los Angeles).  The house was legally registered as a family homestead on the day my mother’s grandfather died in the 1950s, a way to preserve the home for generations to come…  It was recently sold out of the family to help pay for my grandmother’s care in a nursing home.  THAT house held many memories, but it is not the one I chose to write about.

I didn’t write about the first place I remember actually living in…  or the magical world in Puerto Rico…  or the urban neighborhood in Virginia, nor even much about the home my parents bought when I was four.  You’ll see…

And though the “third draft” actually seems not bad, I am still working on refining it, hoping to cull the parts that just don’t really help it move along.  Final draft is due May 25…

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