The 22nd Biennial Evergreen International Phage Biology Meeting will be held 6 – 11 August 2017. Please contact Betty Kutter if you are interested in the 2017 conference or more about phage therapies.

TESC students are invited to attend, as is the general public. There is generally a small daily fee for attending if you are not a student. Check at the website at for information. Registration for 2015 will begin early in 2015, but information may be available sooner.

There are lectures and talks, and poster sessions. Getting to rub elbows with some of the movers and shakes of microbiology is always a real bonus. There are medical experts, scientists, business people and many others. It’s a lot of fun.

My family has been involved in various capacities with the bacteriophage lab at Evergreen for nearly a quarter century. Our elder son attended his first lecture at Evergreen when only a couple months old — and both children spent their early years wandering the halls of Lab II to have lunch with their father, who was doing database work for the lab. I had the pleasure of being in one of Betty Kutter’s microbiology classes (my one and only foray into biological sciences) in 2008.

It’s exciting to have a meeting that is, literally, world-renowned here in Olympia. For students who are interested in microbiology or medical applications of microbiology this conference is a local connection to the wider world. Although the actual lectures tend to be pretty high-end, with some advance thinking and planning, specific sessions might be useful for motivated students. For teachers who are interested in microbiology, this conference can be an excellent resource in terms of familiarizing oneself with the most current trends. At the 2009 conference, Cory Sonneman spoke during the opening session about a study into inquiry-based scientific learning using a “Phagedigging” project in high schools. A copy of the abstract is on page 6 of the abstract book from the conference.

Dr. Elizabeth Kutter:

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