For my Master’s in Teaching, Winter Quarter 2011, the Elementary Science Strand. More Explanations, and the “diary” of that quarter’s work for that segment of the program are in the pages that are now tied to this one.

Turns out that Winter Quarter 2011, as part of my getting the Elementary Education endorsement, I will be keeping an online journal. Though I am required to use the college’s servers, they now use WordPress (which is good — what they used before was incredibly awful to use) so I will dual-post to

To read the posts from the journal, please use the search box at the top of this page to look for Monday Musings, Wednesday Wonderings, Friday Fiddling, Saturday Symposium and Sunday Synopsis. These were the titles I gave journal posts for this project, which are now embedded in the posts I made to my regular blogs. The time period for this project was January 2011 through early March 2011.

This may or may not be a positive thing, as I will post “the good the bad and the ugly” as it happens. You will all have an opportunity to watch me grow as a “science teacher!”

To view the other pages related to this project, please use the menu bar, under Teaching/A Science Unit: you will find pages called “Books on My Shelf” and “Inquiry = Guided Learning” among other things.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

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