The title of this page was inspired by a comment made by Jana Dean, a middle school teacher and instructor at the Evergreen State College in 2011. The point is, being curious is important. So is a structure on which to hang one’s learning. Inquiry is all about curiosity, and education is all about supporting and extending that curiosity through structured experiences. So . . .

As part of the Master in Teaching program at The Evergreen State College, candidates for certification in elementary education are required to take specific coursework in Mathematics, Reading and Science.  Winter quarter 2011 we are studying optics as a large group and exploring a separate area of science individually.

An additional component of our work includes creating and maintaining a website.¬† This is my version, a work-in-progress as are all my projects. The Learning Journal is the required log of my research and development of a unit study in one area of science. The Word Wall is related to “content area literacy” and will allow me to keep track of words that are key to the unit, new to me, or just plain interesting. Additional pages may be added. These will show up across the top of each page in a menu bar.

Feel free to browse my site and offer feedback using the comments sections.

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