There are many great resources online, here are a few, the newest will be listed on top (until I have enough that I really need to organize them…). Resources on tend to be created by Doina Popovici.

Proportions and Ratios short video

Released 7th grade test items from OSPI

Algebraic Expressions Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-style game. (about a 6th – 7th grade level)

7th grade Algebra Jeopardy is similar to the material covered in Chapter 4 in the Pearson text for 7th grade Mathematics 2. A good review game.

Numbers and Operations Jeopardy Tags to the first chapter in the same 7th grade Pearson text. Doina Popovici.

Integers Jeopardy has more levels than Doina Popovici’s other Jeopardy-style games, and would be appropriate for end of fifth grade (high-end math for that grade level) or 6th grade students as well as older students who need some review/remediation.

Changing Fractions to Percents Concentration-style game