For many people, life has become a constant rush to perform, to acquire, to do.

I think it’s important to also take some time for ourselves, not in competition with someone, or to prove anything, or to have something we didn’t before.

To that end, I encourage parents to let their kids have large amounts of unstructured time. With dirt, water, sticks and non-electric toys. Bits of string, a kite, a dog maybe… all these things go toward helping a child form a sense of self-purpose. Out of sight of grown-up frowns, they stage mock battles, or epic adventures, or romances… they learn to relax and invent.

Adults and adolescents, too, need to have some unstructured time. To dream or meditate, to read or create (art, music, poetry… really doesn’t matter).

We need unstructured, play time with other people, as well. A quick game of checkers (my speed) or chess (my kids’). A game of trivial pursuit or scrabble. Poker, cribbage, yahtzee, bridge. A plate of cookies and a cup of tea or hot cocoa on a cool afternoon, sitting watching an old movie together. Reading aloud to someone while they do handwork.

Though I highly advocate a non-electric down-time for everyone at least once a day, there are times that computerized entertainment is logical and “just right.” To that end, here are a few of the fun and funny things that I enjoy, some of them on a fairly regular basis.

Word games are at Babbling and Word Games.

You will find some funny little quizzes and such linked by following the categories “fun” and “quizzes” in the sidebar.

A few more that I haven’t blogged about:

  • Logic Puzzles I find these challenging, but generally fun. One is enough for me!
  • Dots The game where you try to “capture” squares in a grid by drawing lines. Play against the computer and see who wins!
  • Set A fun, quick challenge based on the card game. If you like the computer variety, consider getting the deck and playing a whole game!
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