The first ATC I received came from the Babbler known as Vicuna, who also has her own business making greeting cards and other paper-based art. You can see her other work at NydamPrints.

Vi put the card in a lovely little envelope she had stamped (but it didn’t get scanned — imaging shooting stars over the hills far away…).

Back and front sides, the front is a fabric collage — so clever! — the back is one of her original block prints.

back of trading cardtrading card front

And bonus art from another artist in her family!

flower picture from Vi's daughter

The second ATC is from Atalante, also famous for her gorgeous artwork (which you can see at DeviantArt. Can you spot the prototypes for this ATC?

ATC Card from Atalante

Yes, the peacock (how did she know this blue is one of my favorites?) is holding a small babble grid — 459 words, apparently though I can find only 50 so far!