On Thursday (that’s June 14, 2007), I received a HUGE bundle of cards from my friend, and stamp-artist, Tea’n’Crackers! I will scan a couple in for you to see how beautiful they are … meantime, she actually does this to earn money and she teaches classes (in the Reno area) on making cards using stamps and embellishments. If you want to have special invitations, greeting cards, or other cool things for your next event, consider her services. Her email is ilvsunflwrs @ gmail (dot com). To avoid robotic spam, I made some (hopefully) obvious changes to that email address… Please note the following images are all copyright R.K. and “Stampin’ Up” — I present them at reduced resolution for purely illustrative purposes. Do not reuse these images without permission of the copyright owners.

Cute card with hanging tab Love Card

greeting card with bees Halloween Picture