The Ship Who Searched by Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey

Was a good book. It flowed, in the way I remember (it had been a few years since I had read a new Anne McCaffrey book), and it had a lot of neat twists and turns.

Until about 2/3 of the way through the book, when it felt the authors were trying to tie up loose ends in order to finish the book. It ended a little too quickly, not as cleanly as I would have like — left a couple of unanswered details, and not as satisfying as I had expected.

I am still interested in reading the other books in this series, but have to find them. I recommend this book to folks who like science fiction or Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey, but only as a diversion, not as a truly good read. Which makes me sad, because both of these authors are capable of pulling a story together in a way which keeps it within the word/page limit and still honors the tale.

Three so-so thumbs up.

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