Well, we are beginning to do spring cleaning. It’s late this year because we were battling viruses so much the last two months.

But we are on our way now! I have de-cobwebbed as many places as I can reach with the dust mop, we have replaced vent filters throughout the house, I am gradually getting windows washed inside and out. And today I was finally able to spend a couple hours in the garden, pruning, weeding and planning.

Here is a really neat site I discovered for divvying up chores among family members. Have only just begun to use it, but so far it’s a good way to help keep track of all the things that need doing.

Chore Buster

The website uses a database to store people and how much their workload is supposed to be (for example a housewife might shoulder more of the tasks than a full-time student or wage-earner), assigns difficulty levels to each task (so no person is saddled with ALL the hard tasks or only easy tasks), and provides a way to space each chore differently since some things must be done daily and others are once-a-year duties. You can print out the schedule, and it is saved and viewable online. It is easy to use (a bit tedious to set up if you have a list like I do), includes a whole bunch of pre-set chores you can use also, and upgrades are being made to increase user options.

I think this website is worth a good look.

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